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Be Your Ownmuse

One of the six Singaporean designers showcased in the first ever Digital Fashion Week is Ownmuse. The two young ladies behind the brand are best friends Johanna and Shu Juang, and as the name suggests, they want to inspire girls to be their own muses through their creations. This, they surely did, as the show left me inspired to emulate their distinctive style of casual cool.


Patricia Field Hates the Word ‘Fashionista’

Patricia Field, snazzy personality and legendary stylist of Sex and the City, Ugly Better, the Devil Wears Prada reveals that she hates the use of the word "Fashionista". She is here for Digital Fashion Week 2012, a ground breaking event that blurs the line between Fashion x Technology.

Vintage Men’s Pullover, BCBG Skirt, Nike Men’s Gradient Hi-tops.

Ladies, THIS is How You Raid The Men’s Closet

I live in an interesting world. The guys at my school, (yes dudes, blokes, whatever you call them) have evolved to carry PS1s and Luggage Totes. My classmate even threw his Birkin onto the floor. Egads. They are able to re-contextualize them with huge swooping coats and large rectangular blocks of color, in what I can only describe…


Spector; Live in Singapore! A Glimpse of the Future?

October 4th 2012; probably just any ordinary Thursday evening for many; but for the few privileged enough to be at Avalon, that night would probably be a night to remember for a long time. For whatever your reason, you decide. But to us, that night gave us something that we'd always hold onto; a glimpse of the future.