The Script Live In SG: “You’re Not Fans… You’re Family”

Imagine calling up your ex boyfriend or girlfriend in the middle of a concert… Better still, imagine the lead singer of the band you’re watching calling up your ex for you, and singing into the phone live with an army of thousands of fans going wild in the backdrop.

This was exactly what Irish trio The Script did last night, much to the amusement of the shrilling audience. The Script cheekily asked a member of the audience to pass to them a phone with their ex on the line, and greeted the clueless ex-boyfriend: “Hello, I am Danny from The Script, we’re at our Singapore show now and your ex-girlfriend wanted us to sing you our song called Nothing.”

Photo: Joel Cheng (Instagram: @JoelCheng)

This was just one of the many ways The Script made their fans feel at home, on a very personal level. Danny O’Donoghue (vocals, piano), Mark Sheehan (vocals, guitar), Glen Power (vocals, drums) put up a thoroughly enjoyable show in their Singapore stop of their No Sound Without Silence tour.

We are stronger together. Combining things together, we create magic. This is something you can’t download or watch on YouTube and say yeah I was there. People who are under this roof can say we were not just here tonight, we are present. We’re not thinking of the future or the past, but are living in the moment. Just live. Let’s create a moment right now. – Danny of The Script

Photo: Sheryl Teo for Popspoken

Apart from their soulful vocals and seductive musical rhythms, the highlight of their show is always their genuine interaction with fans, and a clear appreciation for their loyal support through the years. The band made sure that every audience segment in the Singapore Indoor Stadium had a close proximity with the band. They set up a smaller second stage between the standing and seating pens and performed a heartfelt rendition of “The Man Who Can’t Be Moved” there, before walking through the more affordable ticket sections of the audience, stopping for selfies on the way and almost causing a stampede.

Danny making his way through the side stage crowd. Photo: Sheryl Teo for Popspoken

While the band was close to the fans in terms of physical distance, they somehow managed to prove to us that they’re really just people like us, too. From chugging down Heinekens on stage as an apology for being late, to burping into the microphone afterwards, The Script immediately resonated with the audience to be just like any of us – silly and fun-loving.

Their love for their fans made up the bulk of the concert’s atmosphere, spreading wider and more beautifully than confetti. The Script spilled jokes in between sets (that are actually hilarious) and took time out to pause and make direct eye contact with fans, as you can see in the Insta video below:

The Script proved to us that the quality of a band is still determined by its sounds, and that a technical glitch causing the main screen to black out for the night were not a hindrance at all for The Script to still put up one hella memorable show. The Script is a band who focuses largely on just their songs and the fans, and somehow this genuine simplicity and humility was enough to steal all of our hearts.

Cover photo: @thescript Twitter
Special thanks: Singapore Sports Hub


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