Popspoken Turns A Year Older: Dwarf On Shoulders of Giants

The last day of February is always a point of reflection for us. Come March, we turn a year older. So will our friends, Yahoo! and Kyo.

Yahoo! will cross the two decade mark.

Though they may not be in the best of spirits after being in the hot seat lately for downsizing internationally. Nonetheless they still occupy a special place in our hearts as Yahoo remains the most ‘left’ local mainstream media site there is.

Their honesty and fixation on getting real stories up drew us to a content syndication partnership, where our articles are ported over to Yahoo! Singapore’s platform. This year will see them focusing their digital efforts to bring out more strongly a “distinct voice and unique blend of original content, aggregation and personalization”. We look forward to see if Marissa Mayer can shut her naysayers and make Yahoo “an even more essential part” of our life.

On a sprightly note, Kyo, is turning three.

Kyo has affirmed itself as a staple our weekends, outpacing some other nightlife establishments by bringing in throngs of quality acts. An aural manifestation of the club’s sound is now available on Beatport. Kyo’s first release is mixed by Oxia and is an amalgation of deep, soulful cuts.

Kyo Records: Mixed by Oxia

Weeks ahead at Kyo will see a hard-hitting lineup of DJs, such as space disco cadet Prins Thomas, the mysterious post-punk techno sonic force SHXCXCHCXSHthe captivating warm techno-house guru Eric Coultier and more, all of whom will surely leave us drinking out of a coffee bucket to stay alert over the weekend.

Nights not to be missed this March:

  • 4 March – Berghain’s residents Answer Code Request and Oliver Deutschmann will take the crowd on a hypnotic exploration of techno
  • 8 March – Kiko Navaro is going to get you up and grooving to his unique blend of deep house, garage, latin and afro beats
  • 12 March – Outpouring of rising star Mano Le Tough’s emotionally laden tunes on the dancefloor

And… Popspoken is five.

We believe life is exciting when we are excited, and it is in this spirit that Popspoken approaches culture in Singapore. Notable moments for us include speaking to US Ambassador Kirk Wagar on freedom of expression in Singapore, getting name-checked by Straits Times, breaking down the meaning of happiness with Steve McCurry and dissecting the themes and trends of art for the year ahead.

In the last 5 years, we witnessed fashion festivals that used to be all the rage in Singapore, face a gradual decline. That being said, the influx of solid local and international labels that are pushing the boundaries and aesthetics of fashion, have been on an upward movement. Victoria Beckham, who recently renounced heels, has her collection stocked at Pedder Red, and is one the many designers who have jumped on to the sporty, minimalist bandwagon.

Victoria Beckham’s minimalist line at Pedder Red (Singapore)

Looking ahead, 2016 is a year we explore taking our cloud-based passion project to the ground. Our first after-hours disco soirée, supported by Knight Runners,  is happening on March 8 with KiDG on decks. The party will string together working professionals, creatives and budding artists at the cosy Cato, which we hope to fill with nothing but good vibes.

We have definitely strode further by standing on shoulders of giants. To our readers and supportive partners: thank you. We strive to bring you better content in the year ahead.

Featured image: Carey Ciuro


Explore latest trends in contemporary culture


Explore latest trends in contemporary culture