Be Infected by Steve Forrest’s Optimism

Placebo put up a rollicking set at The Coliseum a few days ago. Their youngest band member, Steve Forrest, is a jack-of-all-trades. Not only is he an accomplished drummer, he is also a part-time DJ and part-time tattoo model. With so many good things going on for him, we wonder how he stays so grounded and.. pleasant.

Another Gang Rape In India: Where Is The Change?

Popspoken’s newest global trends analyst is right in the heart of New Delhi, India — one of the world’s touted rising stars but not without its set of problems. Another gang rape case in Mumbai leaves Tarini Miglani wondering: has India really learnt its lesson? Last December, we heard the shocking news of a young…

The XX Lights Up Star Vista

When The xx played The Star Vista this past Friday night, they mesmerised the audience with an almost introverted stage presence and an extensively impressive light show. Combining their Mercury Prize-winning debut ‘xx’ and their sophomore album ‘Coexist’, the London trio delivered a powerful, electrifying set.

Snippets of Paris in Chinatown

Walking into this unassuming café is like entering a French mise-en-scène - red plush seats, wooden interior, pendant lamps, dim lighting, checkered tiles – a homely, welcoming Parisian charm enshrouds Taratata Bistrot.