In Conversation with Princess Tata at Evon and Fia’s New Fashion Venture

Carefully curated wares are the highlight of the web store, co-founded by Evon Tan and Fia Sirikanya S. With the onslaught of internet and the media, online shopping has become the norm over the past few years. While we are familiar with big names like or bringing you renowned labels such as Antipodium, FCUK and Karen Millen, little mention is given to our homegrown gems such as Mystic Vintage eyewear, Al&Alicia, By Invite Only, ARC or indie labels like Absurd Laboratory, Armoire and Shona Joy.

TheFashionHeadlines fills in this fashion lacunae as globetrotters Evon and Fia have sourced the best labels from USA, London, Paris, Australia, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Singapore. Popspoken had the privilege of speaking to the guest-of-honour, the poised Princess Ardhia Pramesti Regita Cahyani fondly known as Princess Tata. Amongst other things, Princess Tata tells us how she is empowered by other women.

Popspoken: What got you interested in fashion?

Regita Cahyani : I actually have a branding company and we started off with jewellery. My love of fashion probably started there. Together with my 12 year old daughter, we share a passion for fashion.

Popspoken: Which are your favourite fashion labels?

Regita Cahyani : I don’t really have one that I really stick to because I think at certain times designers have their cycles. Sometimes they create something really amazing, but at times they go through this patch where they aren’t designing at their creative best. I think it really goes to what their collection is. Basically I like more of an edgy, rock and eclectic style.

Popspoken: Is there one designer you would like to work with?

Regita Cahyani: Tom Ford. Going from Gucci to his own brand, he’s evolving. It’s very cutting edge, sleek and still very elegant.

Popspoken: Besides fashion, do you have other interests?

Regita Cahyani: Recently I’ve picked up baking. I love spending time with my children. I have a 14-year old soon who loves racing and is training for a F1-BMW race. My 12 year old daughter loves baking and she loves going on Youtube to look for recipes. That’s what we love to do together now.

Popspoken: How do you see your style evolving?

Regita Cahyani: A lot of high-street. Elegant, classy like Kate Middleton. That said, I think more and more high-street brands will be dominating the market.

Popspoken: You described your style as eclectic and edgy. Has it changed?

Regita Cahyani: Things change, and preferences change according to the time and period you’re in. I’m not going to say it’s age because you’re as young as you think you are. People always evolve and so would their fashion sense.

I don’t really like green, but today I’m wearing green. I really think it’s the time and phase that you’re in, it absorbs everything that’s around you. Your travels, your environment, things that you’re exposed to. It’s a continuing evolution to your taste and self development.

Popspoken: What is your greatest inspiration?

Regita Cahyani: Women. They inspire me a lot. Women from all walks of life. Women who have done something and made changes in life. Women have a sense of power and they kind of feed off each other I don’t think there’s anything more empowering than meeting women, listening to their experiences about anything that’s affecting them or inspiring their lives.

For example, Lady Gaga for fashion. Her taste may be on the provocative side. Although I don’t always agree with her sense of style, I think she has it. She knows what she’s doing and that’s powerful because she has developed her own true sense of fashion. Another women who is inspiring for me is Jennifer Lopez. She’s gone through many turns, especially in love but she’s still hopeful. Of course, Lady Diana. She is such an iconic figure, fashion-wise and socially as well. I think she’s a legend.

Popspoken: What are your thoughts about the Asian Fashion Scene?

Regita Cahyani: I think a lot of Asians who study overseas are exposed to a lot of culture and fashion in those areas. After their stints in New York, London, Paris, they come back with something new. So they still maintain that Asian feel and Asian roots yet yet are inspired and influenced by Western Culture. I don think Asia is the second any more. Many designers are very talented, they need the exposure and a platform such as

Popspoken: What’s your greatest weakness?

Regita Cahyani: Shoes and sunglasses. I’ve a fetish for both of them, I’ve a wardrobe full of shoes. I’m very impulsive and go with what I feel when pairing outfits to form a whole look..

Popspoken: If you could resurrect anyone from the dead, who would you like to have dinner with? 

Regita Cahyani: Grace Kelly. She exudes elegance and everything that a women should be. She was a movie star and then suddenly she was royalty. Such a transformation is never easy, but she did it with elegance and class. I would like to meet her and pick her brain.


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Explore latest trends in contemporary culture