From Press Conference To Concert: This Is How We Spent A Special Evening With Demi Lovato In Singapore

American songstress Demi Lovato travelled to Singapore on Monday, 18th March to perform a one-night-only concert for her insane fandom, the Lovatics! We were lucky enough to catch Demi at her press conference, where she came across as an intelligent, humble, and modest young woman. She talked frankly about the pressures of being a role model and whether or not she wanted to venture back into the acting field in 2013.

Her soundcheck and meet and greet were also highlights of her time in Singapore for those who were fortunate enough to have attained passes. Demi sang 3 songs at soundcheck, and answered a few fan questions before running off to get ready for the meet and greet. Demi met and took photos with fans for the better part of an hour, and many fans came out shaking simply at the prospect of being in such close proximity with their favorite starlet.


The concert itself was put simply: sensational. Demi truly has a powerhouse of a voice, which soars beautifully over scales as she travels up and down the octaves through her rightfully intricate and technically difficult-to-master songs. Her fans were also enjoying the concert obviously, with many passing out from a combination of terribly stuffy surroundings and over-excitement. Fan favorites of the night were “Unbroken”, “Get Back”, “Heart Attack”, and “Skyscraper.” Demi talked openly about her personal struggles and encouraged her fans to follow her lead and accept treatment if they face any issues similar to hers; she was extremely genuine and even seemed to shed a tear as she spoke to her fans.

All in all, it was a fantastic first trip to Singapore for Demi Lovato — what with her fan base being so large, and so passionate about her visit. They’ve waited a long time for this, but the Lovatics got everything they could have asked for and more. Check out the video blog attached at the beginning of the post to catch a glimpse into what a Demi Lovato experience can be like!

demi 2

(P.S. At Popspoken, we profess ourselves as fans because, let’s face it: a clued-in fan who knows everything about the artiste/product and knows what to ask that’s not been repeated by 1000000001 media publications is soooooooo much better than some random, professorial journalist who probably doesn’t give two hoots about the subject matter, right?)





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