Vennu Mallesh. If you haven’t heard that name bouncing around various social media platforms lately, you’ve got to be living under a rock. Vennu is a fascinating musical powerhouse originating from the beautiful India. His first masterpiece “It’s My Life” has exceeded 2,000,000 views, and he’s right on track to becoming a viral sensation. His second song aptly entitled “Wish U Enjoy New Year” is a beautiful tune, with a slightly confusing message due to the semi broken English (or as he calls it “Venglish”) is also growing in popularity, with almost 50,000 views.

Vennu, who’s the Indian counterpart to another musical genius Rebecca Black was kind of enough to sit down with us and give us an honest and truly inspiring interview. We covered an array of subjects, ranging from his haters or “Hell Wishers” to his love life and what he looks for in a romantic companion. The wording in the interview below is from the man himself, we thought it’d be important for our readers to get a true sense of just how eloquent Vennu is so that they could truly grasp the inspiring messages he’s got to offer the world.

1. Vennu, tell us. How has fame changed your life? Do people approach and mob you on the street? What is this like for you? 

No Change.I can go freely anywhere.Very few people watched My Songs in India.So,I am similar to an unknown person.

2. Whatever happened to Lipsika in the “It’s My Life” music video? Do you plan on making more beautiful music with her? 

Lipsika who is My co-singer in “ It’s My Life whatever I wanna Do “.She is a Wonderful Singer.She sings in films ( Telugu ).For My second song “ Wish U Enjoy New Year “ there is no female voice in the song.So,I haven’t asked her to sing. If a female voice requires I will definately ask her to sing.

3. What is the status of your love life as of now? What qualities do you look for in a girl? 

I am Single.I don’t have any Girl Friends up to now.I specially likes a Girl who respects and follows Indian Tradition.

4. On your facebook page you talk about all sorts of wise things. Do you think it’s important to share your words of wisdom with the world? 

In My FaceBooK or Twitter I share My thoughts,My opinions,Some incidents in My Life,My way of living and also about My Projects. Feeling them as Wise or Mad depends on the People’s Attitude.For Me it’s very important to share with WorldOfVennu.

5. What are your plans for the future in regards to your career and your personal life?  

I am planning to direct a Film.An year ago I completed writing Story,Screenplay,Dialogues. After finding the Producer and further discussions I will let U know the Film details.I am also thinking about Songs.Let we see what happens next.

6. What artist would you compare yourself to? Which artist are you most alike?

I don’t compare Myself to anyone as an Artist and also as a Human Being.Because,I strongly believe every Artist/ person is different.

7. Some criticise you for not speaking excellent English. What is your response to this? 

For the people who suggest Me to learn English,I suggest them to understand Vennglish. I am also curious to know about what they will do with their excellent English. A language is like a Bridge which transfers one’s feelings to other.So,are they able to understand My feelings or not is important not the mistakes in the language.

8. At the end of “It’s My Life” you say “Don’t believe me, I am a true Liar.” This is very interesting. What does it mean?  

GooD Question…Why I said like that means,I want to test the people.After listening the Song completely will they believe a 4 minute song which is My Life or just a Single word in the end of the Song ? For example, if a person says he is dumb will U believe his words or the Truth.

9. How do you deal with nasty messages online? Do you have any advice towards dealing with them? 

Nasty messages are very common.Because,a person like Me will definately have Hell Wishers/Enemies..I mostly don’t care for them.My opinion is Becoming Successfull is the Best Revenge U can ever take on Enemies/Hell Wishers.

10. If you were stranded on a desert island, what items would you bring? 

I am not much intelligent to answer this Question.

11. Watermelons or pencil sharpeners? Which do you prefer, and why?

Same Answer as the above.

12. Is it difficult to create such brilliant lyrics and musical masterpieces so frequently? 

Difficulty means it depends on the knowledge we have regarding the concept of the song,language and the words to be used. “ It’s My Life whatever I wanna Do “ is very easy to Me to write lyrics when compared to others.Because,I am the concept of the Song.

13.  How talented do you think you are? Do you consider yourself a good dancer, or do you play instruments? 

I can’t say how much.But,I know I am talented.I love dancing.I don’t play instruments because I can’t.

14. You keep referring to a language called “Venglish” could you tell us more about this intriguing concept? 

As some people always saying that I am disrespecting English I answered them “ It’s not English it’s Vennglish “.Vennglish is nothing but rules broken English.My way of writing or speaking English is called Vennglish. The words Hell Wishers,Heartograph,U instead of you,GooD etc; belongs to Vennglish…

15. Tell us about the recording process, how do you go about creating your songs? 

First I write lyrics,then I compose tune.After that I think about how the instrumentation should be.After that keyboard feeding and so on…

16. Thank you for doing this interview! It’s not just an interview…it’s my life. 

No.It’s not Ur Life,it’s just an Interview only.Than Q Very Much.Wish U All the Best. And Enjoy the New Year.


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