Sustainability Is The New Fashion Statement

Global warming and climate change is a real threat. As companies shift gears towards more sustainable practices and eco-friendly products, these brands have created new lines of products that lead the way for exemplary eco-conscious merchandising that is trendy and yet contemporary for the everyday man or woman.

These three brands are paving the way for true sustainability and walking the walk on their production practices, corporate culture & customer experience, which hopefully will inspire the future generation to be more aware of leaving a net positive impact on Nature by 2030.

1. Timberland

Timberland’s new line of Greenstride comfort soles are made from sugar cane and responsible natural rubber from trees. Only using renewable, responsible and recycled materials, this new collection promises to deliver comfort, protection, performance and versatility to unpredictable season, in tandem with the current state of the year ahead.

To brighten up their customers daily experience with Timberland, they have consciously added pops of colour and reflective hi-vis details that promises eye-catching style and visibility for the contemporary consumer, such as with their new series of eco-conscious footwear include: Men’s Solar Wave Oxford Low, Solar Wave Hiker and Men’s Solar Wave Hiker, with Better Leather, sourced from tanneries rated silver for their environmental practices, and part ReBOTLTM fabric made of at least 50% recycled plastic.

In addition, they have introduced a new performance apparel line inspired by styles from their 90s archive. The highlight of the series is the Ecoriginal waterproof jacket that uses 100% recycled plastic to make the ReBOTLTM ripstop fabric shell and 70% recycled plastic in the TimberDry waterproof lining. Additional features include an adjustable hood and neck gaiter for added protection in the rain, and 3M reflective detailing and high-reach sleeve designs for extra performance, rounding up the weather-ready design.

Hi-Vis apparel and the men’s Solar Wave Hiker will be officially released in Timberland stores and online on 1 March 2021.

 2. Kipling

Kipling’s S21 season features responsibly designed bags made with hot air balloons material. Constantly reimagining designs, rethinking material, repurposing energy and reconnecting to people and the planet, Kipling is dedicated to bringing you handsfree flexible and fashionable bags in stylish fabrics, new colours and contemporary shapes for the modern day individual.

Ensuring their prints use 20% less water when printed on their new 38% recycled polyester fabric and that 36% of their products are produced in 100% solar energy run facilities, Kipling stands by sustainability in this new collection that promises to maintain durability. In providing exemplary frontiers of corporate sustainability and eco-consciousness, 2/3 of Kipling’s employees commute by public transport, bike, train or electric scooter.

Their new product is a tote bag made from retired Hot Air Balloons that have travelled round Europe with a unique pattern on each bag. Ensuring durability and with a spacious interior, the bag is also packable and can be folded inside out.

3. Levi’s

Fashion brand Levi’s is going full speed ahead in leading the pack with their sustainable practices. Here are just some of the ways the American clothing company is revolutionising their products and methods of produce with their Wellthread Series. Modelled on four guiding principles: Materials, People, Environment and Process; Levi’s Wellthread is their most sustainable collection committed to greater circularity and recycling. With t-shirts made from plant-base dyes, water-saving techniques and low-impact dye and recycled denim in new products, the Levi’s Wellthread collection aims to achieve these for principles, prioritising environmental conversation in all materials, producing garments in factories that promote workers’ wellbeing, designing for durability and timelessness and finally, creating products for a circular lifestyle.

Other ways to save the earth include:

  • Wearing Hemp to save water – hemp grows quicker and uses less water as compared to cotton and leaves behind cleaner, healthier soil
  • Designing with recycled plastics to reduce landfill waste – puffer jackets and vests are now made from recycled plastic bottles and waste
  • Clean up finishing process with Water<less – initiative has saved more than 3.5 billion litres of water from finishing process
  • Repairing, reimagining & recycling at tailor shop – personalised time with experts who can help customers extend life of their clothes, customise them or upcycle them into something new for recycling

“At Levi’s, we consider the past, present, and future. We design for longevity and durability, so the resources used to create our jeans are put to good use.” – Una Murphy, Levi’s® Senior Innovation Designer

Read all about Levi’s sustainability initiatives and program here or find out more how brands are promoting sustainability from fashion blog ‘Sustainable Fashion Matterz‘.


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Explore latest trends in contemporary culture


Explore latest trends in contemporary culture