Foo Fighters In Singapore: How EDM Will Never Kill Rock

Rock legends Foo Fighters have announced a long-awaited show on 26 August at the Singapore National Stadium, adding to the already hectic lineup of gigs, shows and music festivals Singapore is packed with this year.

Fans of rock and roll in Singapore must be very pleased, since legendary rock band Guns ‘N’ Roses just performed in Singapore in February this year.

In the 22 years since the 1995 release of Foo Fighters’ debut self-titled album, Dave Grohl, Taylor Hawkins, Nate Mendel, Chris Shifflet and Pat Smear have grown into one of the last standing American atmospheric rock bands. They have won 11 Grammy Music awards and sold 25 million records of their anthemic tracks.

The last time The Foo Fighters performed in Singapore was two decades ago, in 1996 at the WTC Harbour Pavilion, which has already closed down.

Naturally, the Foo Fighters bringing their brand new world tour to Singapore this year is very significant to some of their oldest fans here who, after two decades of following, will finally get a chance to catch the band live (hopefully not involving any broken bones, though).

“I did not go for their concert in 1996 because I was still in secondary school then,” said Rupen David Mannar, 35, who tells Popspoken that he has been an avid fan of the Foo Fighters since 1995.

“I was a huge Nirvana fan so when (Kurt) Cobian died, I was crushed. Since then I’ve followed their drummer Dave Grohl into the Foo Fighters, so I’d say I’ve been a fan from the very beginning,” said Rupen.

When asked if he is going for their concert this year, Rupen says he is “not missing it for the world”.

Other newer Foo Fighters listeners such as Bryan Cheong, 25, says he appreciates the value of old school rock given the recent saturation of electronic dance music (EDM).

“Foo Fighters and bands of the genre are like a breath of fresh air from all the bubblegum pop and EDM that dominates airwaves nowadays,” says Bryan. “It’s good to hear the timeless instruments of guitar and drums.”

However, the recent scalping issue of concert tickets to big shows in Singapore might hinder real fans’ chances of getting to watch the Foo Fighters.

“I just hope it won’t be like the Coldplay and Ed Sheeran shows in Singapore again,” says Bryan. “I really want to watch the Foo Fighters but I’m not going to pay $500 for it.”

Tickets for the Foo Fighters go on sale from May 23 at 10am via Sports Hub Tix. They are priced at $168 and $238 for standing, and $128, $168, $198 and $238 for seats.


Cover Photo: Pali Hudak
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