“Who Will Ban Us?” Ed Sheeran Concert Venue Staff Accused Of Scalping, Sports Hub Responds

[EDITED at 7:40AM, 15 May 2017: This story has been edited to include latest statement from Sports Hub]

“The Singapore Sports Hub has conducted its investigations and found no evidence to support the allegation that a member of staff had ‘looted’ tickets to Ed Sheeran’s concerts at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

In addition, we have reviewed the transactions performed. There were no suspicious transactions, and tickets were purchased within the respective transaction limits.

The Sports Hub wishes to state that while we treat such allegations seriously, we have every confidence in the integrity of our staff and systems.

The Sports Hub reiterates that no resellers have been authorised to sell tickets for this show and urges patrons to purchase through official and/or authorised channels.”

[EDITED at 1:30PM, 13 May 2017: This story has been edited to include statement from Sports Hub]

Popspoken has reached out to Sports Hub for comment. Mr Chin Sau Ho, Senior Director – Corporate Communications and Stakeholder Management released the following statement to Popspoken.

“The Singapore Sports Hub categorically does not condone the sale of tickets for shows held at any of our venues other than through official channels.

We are conducting an investigation into, and speaking with the relevant authorities about these allegations.

We have systems and checks in place to identify any breach of policy by staff or partners. Appropriate action will be taken against any party found guilty of offence.

Sports Hub would like to reiterate that no resellers have been authorised to sell tickets for this show. Sports Hub urges the public not to purchase tickets other than through official channels as these may not be accepted at the venue.

We understand that there were many disappointed fans who were unable to purchase tickets. This was due to the overwhelming demand for the show, which far outstripped the number of available tickets.”

Following reports of tickets to Ed Sheeran‘s Singapore concerts selling out in less than an hour, one Facebook user has gone public with screengrabs of her conversation with a ticket reseller, who alleged that venue organisers had “looted” tickets for resale.

Facebook user Aida Aretha posted four screenshots of her interaction with a Carousell reseller named “reseller_772” on the official Ed Sheeran Live in Singapore Facebook event page late Friday night.

Over several texts, the reseller alleges that their friend, a member of the Sports Hub management, looted “200+ tickets to distribute to us”.

In a separate text, they claim that the looted tickets, 100 from Day 1 and 120 from Day 2, are from Cat 1, the priciest category on sale at $248 each. The reseller even boasts: “Who will ban us?”

The post and its four screenshots have since been deleted by the user, but screengrabs can be found here.

Screen Shot 2017-05-13 at 7.35.06 am

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Given the struggle for tickets earlier this week, it’s not hard to see why Singaporeans are fuming.

Screen Shot 2017-05-13 at 7.41.43 am

This is a developing story. Popspoken will be updating this article with more details.


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