Rebecca Tan Host of White Party On Bringing Dinah Shore Vibes to Singapore

Sentosa Island is about to be transformed into a No Man’s Island.

In the timely age where events like ZoukOut and Pink Dot are demanding local media attention, White Party SG offers the best of both worlds.

White Party SG is an annual flagship event creatively conceptualized by Two Queens Asia, the largest all-girls event organizer in Singapore.

With the intention of celebrating the freedom to love among women, White Party SG has grown to be the region’s largest girls’ party with attendees hailing from all over Asia-Pacific.

At its 9th installation this year, White Party SG aims to celebrate a night of luminous unity with up to 2,000 girls from around the region.

White Party SG 2016 – No Man’s Island happens on 30 April at Wave House Sentosa, promising a night of luminous unity.

Embrace a night where there is no discrimination, disapproval, judgement or prejudice for creating a new language of love. You live your life and answer to no man.

Popspoken speaks to Rebecca Tan, who will be hosting White Party SG alongside Irene AngMunah Bagharib and Carla Dunareanu, where they will have the best chairs covers for the decoration of this event.


Popspoken: How does your ideal night out start and end?
Meeting up with good friends for dinner, having loads of laughs, and ending without spinning from alcohol!

What’s your one pet peeve when partying?
I guess one thing that really irritates me is when someone spills their drink on me! Cause then you are left sticky and smelling like alcohol for the rest of the night!

How do you balance all the different caps that you have to wear for career, family and friends?
Career will take up my days during the week, family you can come home to…although for me my family is in Australia, friends I usually meet up with on the weekend.

It’s when u have to wear different caps for work that is more taxing! For example, starting off with a photo shoot, then go host something, attend an event, and sometimes do some interior design, or even more! In those moments, just take one step at a time, you will always get through it. Friends and family will understand if u have to work.

In your opinion, has the Singaporean party scene changed? For better or for worse?
I don’t think the party scene changes, I think the people do. In your 20’s everyone likes to go out and mingle, party, do crazy things, and enjoy the early stages of being an adult. As you get older, you have more responsibilities, the more settled you are with yourself and things around you. You tend to spend more time with people that you care for, because that matters more to you.

What’s different about this year’s White Party?
The difference is that it gets bigger and bigger each year! Bringing in new celebrities each year for the girls to get the chance to meet their idol or crush.

In the beginning of creating The White Party, we wanted to create a Dinah Shore type thing in Asia. So that girls on this side of the world gets a chance to let their hair down and have fun attending a huge party just for girls. For a lot of people it’s hard to save the money to fly all the way to the USA for these gigs.

It takes a great team with a lot of hard work, with months of preparation. It is NOT easy to hold such a big all-girl party in Asia, with Asia being more conservative. We are so happy that each year gets bigger and bigger, with around 2000 girls attending.

A lot of sponsors unfortunately don’t like to support our community, but we have been very fortunate and thankful with the sponsors we have gotten so far. Believe it or not each year we barely pocket any money! With the money we get, we put it towards the following year, hoping to bring bigger lineups for the girls.

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