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Stuff You Don’t Know About the Boy Who Lived

Think you’re the biggest Potterhead? Think again. To celebrate Harry Potter’s 33rd birthday (31st July – which happens to be J. K. Rowling’s birthday as well), here are 10 facts about the world of Harry Potter that you probably didn’t know about. 1. Snape was the first to know of his own fate. Played by…

The Lone Ranger: A Wild West treat

Johnny Depp is arguably one of the leading men of Hollywood. One of the rare breed of actors who takes on an entirely different character in almost every role he plays – and he nails them. The dedication he has for his craft is beyond any Hollywood actors. He was literally trampled upon by his…

White House Down – Not the only thing down

Oh Channing, Channing, People Magazine Sexiest Man Alive – what wrong can you do? He did his ‘thang and shimmy-ed and shook his way in his element in Magic Mike and now he flexes his guns in an action thriller – White House Down. White House Down is your all typical American movie where the…

Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan’s Hope and Mine As Well

The film takes a look into the most popular and well-known comic convention in the world, which actually started out as a much smaller niche event focusing on comics and attracting only the most devoted. But it has since transformed the massive multi-fandom multi-genre annual pop culture phenomenon it is today.