6 Beauty Additions To Boost Your Quarantine Skincare Routine

With lockdown measures in place, most of us are becoming more minimalist in our beauty game these days. We wanted to look beautiful inside out, even asking yourself on what can you I to be more good looking in the eyes of others or my partner? Howtotightenvagina has something for you. The lack of makeup, outside air pollutants and irritants, or even limited social interactions all contribute to the return of our natural skin.

There is no better period to commit to a proper skincare routine. Extra time means we get to be experimental with the products, pamper and indulge ourselves in the process, and figure out what works best for our specific skin types. But the real best thing you should practice is to read acnefree review before using skincare products rather than experimenting with many things that will cost you. Self-care comes in many forms, and while outgrown hairdos and manicures are still best left to the professionals, hitting the reset button for our skin can be as simple as switching out a single product or finding the perfect pared-down routine and for your exercise routine you can add the best weight loss pills for your health.

From a game-changing hair cream for fuss free maintenance to glow-boosting sunscreen for the consummate selfie update, these are essentials that we find ourselves returning to during self-isolation.

Rooki Beauty

Serums are notoriously hard to get right, especially for hot and humid climates. It can be too rich or thick, and end up clogging up the pores and resting on the face like stubborn layers of oil. Rooki Beauty’s trio of newly launched serums targets this pain point by being water-based. These hard-working serums are wonderfully light on the skin, absorbs well, and are complementary with existing skincare products to provide an entirely personalised skin treatment.

The Circadian Fixer Hydro Drops is made with Chardonnay Grapes, a blend of Asian herbs and marine algae to boost the skin’s hydration levels and erase marks of tiredness, such as puffiness and dark spots. Those who are looking for an extra pop with the perks of anti-aging, opt for the Sun Eraser Glow Drops, which spotlights the topical starfruit, royal jelly, and apple stem cells from Switzerland to brighten and energise the skin.

Our current favourite, the Anti Pollution Nano Drops, is armed with a basket of free radical-fighting ingredients such as peach juice, argan oil, and Kudzu Root. All these superfood ingredients have potent antioxidants and pollution protecting properties to shield the skin from environmental triggers. After using this serum for two weeks, it is clear that the combination of superfoods and other yummy ingredients like Superoxide Dismutase, Oryzanol, and Pro-Vitamin B5, are working overtime in this inconspicuous bottle for clearer, vibrant complexions.


Introduce a little bounce into the routine with Caudalie’s three signature mini spring sets, which feature the brand’s best-selling ranges, namely, the Beauty Elixir Skincare Set, Vinopure Anti-Blemish Mission Skincare Set, and the Vinoperfect Anti-Dark Spot Solution Skincare Set. With all the extra snacking and baking projects going on at home, it is no wonder that acne concerns are at an all-time high.

The small but mighty acne-fighting set is ideal for those with oily skin as it targets breakouts, enlarged pores and all kinds of skin imbalances. The Vinopure Purifying Gel Cleanser tackles multiple issues at once: cleaning and tightening pores, minimising excess sebum, as well as hydrating and balancing the skin. The Vinopure Skin Perfecting Serum is a great daytime option to calm irritated skin as it is formulated with natural salicylic acid, grape seed polyphenols and organic essential oils.


Once a week grocery trips means that we need to get out bright and early to beat the queues. The Supergoop! Glowscreen SPF 40 is the perfect companion as its chirpy packaging adds a dose of colour to your day and face. It goes on right after cleansing to provide a defensive layer against the sun with major hydration properties from a cocktail of hyaluronic acid, niacinamide and Vitamin B5.

Unlike traditional sunscreen formulas where they tend to be thick and greasy, the lightweight cream blends well with the skin’s natural tint and leaves a dewy sheen on the face with a refreshing scent. It fights sun damage, as well as shields the skin from broad spectrum UV rays, and provides protection from blue light and pollution. Even if you are staying indoors, it is a great alternative to serums or creams as it primes the face sufficiently without being too heavy.


Another way to have a clear complexion is to conscientiously choose better natural products that come in contact with key areas of our skin, such as the hands and face. Homegrown essential oils brand, Ollie, recently launched two new products after the success of their hand sanitisers made from pure essential oils, aloe vera, and 69% alcohol: the Mosquito Repellent Spray and Yoga Mat Sanitiser.

The first is a non-toxic alternative to keeping the mosquitos at bay, gentle on the skin while being highly effective. The formula is made from ten aromatic essential oils, including eucalyptus, cedarwood, peppermint, spearmint, and lemongrass. The yoga mat sanitiser is a great complement to self isolation skincare routines as it disinfects the mat without being too harsh or sticky. The combination of lemongrass and lavender is absolutely delicious and never fails to refresh the senses after a strenuous session of exercise.


SHAAN HONQ, the illustrious Taiwanese haircare brand is injecting luxury into their hero product, the SH-RD Protein Cream. Combining the sheen of gold leaf and ultimate hydration boost from the deep sea water from the Eastern oceans of Taiwan, their new SH-RD Protein Cream: Gold Deluxe Edition is a step-up from those who were already obsessed with the product, and a flashy initiation for those who have yet to get acquainted with the best-kept secret to naturally styled healthy hair.

This small emerald tub has a big following for a couple of reasons. A pea-sized amount of this silky cream goes a long way into protecting the hair from the heat of styling tools. It also maintains the vibrancy of colours and gives dull hair a gorgeous amount of shine. Rubbing the lightweight formula into towel-dried hair before drying, curling, or straightening does wonders for the overall shape and texture, reducing hair breakage and knots.

The inclusion of deep-sea water provides low-temperature stability, a variety of rich inorganic salts, ionic minerals, and additional nutrients, which helps to improve the overall scalp health. You can even style your hair before high-impact workout routines as it is not greasy or oily. Also great for those who prefer a quick routine as it can be left alone to promote your hair’s natural lustre over the day.


Here is a sensitive skin saviour: TWO L(I)PS’ latest addition to its multifunctional skincare line, ICE. With its sleek, discreet packaging and potent formula for targeting inflammation and irritation, it is no wonder the entire sulphate and paraben-free range is already a cult-favourite for both face and vulva pampering. A multitude of factors can contribute to bumpy or itchy skin. Stressors from our lifestyles to environment triggers, or activities such as over-shaving, ill-fitting clothes, or even chronic hives can lead to our skin becoming constantly irritated.

As a calming rescue cream, ICE not only offers fast absorption, it also soothes, protects, and hydrates the skin. The formula improves the skin’s resistance to irritation and encourages delicate areas to repair itself, thanks to a whipped blend of key ingredients that are armed with soothing and anti-inflammatory properties, like sea algae, menthol, and liquorice root extract. Dab it on as a spot treatment or spread it liberally as an intensive calming mask.


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