Nadia Rahmat: Model, Fashionista, and Soon-To-Be New Yorker?

Marc by Marc Jacobs feat. Nadia Rahmat | Photo Credits: Club 21

As most may well already know, Nadia Rahmat, 24, scored one for Singapore when she was handpicked out of 50, 000 people worldwide on an Instagram casting (#castmemarc) to be one of the 11 new faces of Marc by Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 2015 Campaign. The photoshoot was held in New York, which included modelling for British fashion and celebrity photographer David Sims with Marc Jacobs himself on-scene.

Popspoken gets up close and personal with Nadia, the newest celebrity on the Singapore scene.

PS: What made you submit your photo for #castmemarc? Were you hopeful for a win?

N: I came across the call for submissions on Oyster magazine and decided “Why not?” I was hopeful but not too hopeful because a casting of that degree was just crazy.

PS: Does your personal style resonate with Marc by Marc Jacobs?

N: I dress for myself and not based on current trends, so I guess that essence of staying true to myself resonated with MBMJ.

PS: What is your favourite MJ item you own?

N: I don’t own anything from MJ yet but if I could I would love to make the MBMJ Ninja Sneakers my first MBMJ item to own!

PS: Will this win inspire you to be in the fashion industry as a career or even move to New York?

N: Definitely, I’ve always been intrigued by fashion and how it’s evolving. For now I’m focused on some major developments we have involving Super 0 so that comes first.

PS: What is your fashion must-have?

N: Accessories!

PS: Are you a sucker for designer brands?

N: It really depends, if the designer brand happened to release a collection that included clothes and accessories that resonate with what I’m into at the moment then yes.

PS: What aspect of yourself do you love most and hate most?

N: My OCD tendencies. For example I can be a perfectionist when it comes to work, so everything has to be almost perfect so sometimes I second guess myself.

What’s up next? It may be back to work for Nadia but fans may see her on hardcopy magazines worldwide next month onwards. MJ fans may look forward to Marc by Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 2015 collection hitting Singapore shores soon.


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Explore latest trends in contemporary culture