Top 10 Trends of 2013

Topshop Christmas Collection ’13 Debut

Like its name suggests, TOPSHOP normally leads the pack in the high street arena. Mention Topshop to anyone (or at least, anyone with a modicum of style) within the age of 15-30, and chances are, they’ve shopped at Topshop.

Well, they certainly lived up to their reputation of keeping up with the trends in Topshop Christmas Collection which was showcased at #DigitalFashionWeek (#TSXDFW), but whatever happened to being the first mover in next season’s trends? Edgy, Flirty, and Feminine pieces took the runway – but nothing we’ve not seen already. The collection seemed to merely highlight existing trends that other high street brands i.e. H&M, Miss Selfridge, and even local brand BYSI had already caught onto months ago.

Nonetheless, Knowing-Thy-Trend is key to looking like a fashionista or a blah-sionista this Christmas – and you can take your cue from Topshop: they certainly know their trends!

Planning your Christmas outfit? Popspoken summarizes the top 10 fashion trends of 2013, as showcased in Topshop Christmas Collection.

1. The Famous Skorts (except instead of white, it’s a sheen Christmasy green)

2. The Ankle-Strap Heels

3. The Knee Length Skirt

4. Statement Necklaces – Buy scorpio necklace in those special days for her

5. Sequinned Dresses

6. The Flare Mod Top (normally accompanied by a sewn-on neckline accessory)

 7. Subtle Prints

8. Luxe Leather (Topshop gave it a twist with extra sheen)

9. The Crop Top (matching skirt is a plus!)

 10. Punk Rock ‘N’ Roll

What’s Hot(!):

It was love at first sight when our eyes met. This delicately feminine floral dress is our absolute favourite of Topshop’s Christmas Collection. We love how its paired with simple black pumps (who says it only takes gorgeous shoes to stand out?) and corresponding black necklace. The orange lining somehow blends in with the outfit to add an exquisite touch of couture to it. With closer scrutiny, one can tell the varying contrasts of chiffon (or chiffon-esque) sleeves and varying material at the bodice and waistline. This gives the overall look a delicate couture vibe (not to mention, Christmas-y) viz a viz ordinary Blogshop dresses, which normally come in 1 lining per material per dress  – indication of mass production factory labour – forgive my viciousness.

Peekaboo dresses (dresses with a cut-out hole at the waist) were non existent on the runway too, thank God.

What’s Missing:

The return of A-Lined Skirts (spotted at H&M), Sporty Dresses (also spotted at H&M), studded shoes, and even low-rise boyfriend jeans recently #trending – looks that celebrities in New York are currently sporting. Google if you must.


To end off, if you’re looking for something hip and trendy to wear this Christmas, Never Fear, Topshop’s Here. You can shop Topshop Christmas Collection now at Topshop Knightsbridge.

Image Credits: F3 Singapore


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Explore latest trends in contemporary culture