Beauty Bites || I Had a Depressing Manicure

I suck at manicures. It is not for lack of trying that I’m not good at it. The nail polish on my left hand is always marginally better than my right because right-hander reasons. I am also incredibly shameless when it comes to showing off my wonderfail works of nail art.

But I’m sure I’m not the only one who fails at manicures. I mean, who does manicures on their own, right? Takes ages to dry and you have to sit still for AGES. Psh. Life is too short to sit still and do nothing.

Yup. Me in a nutshell.

Flaunting sub-par manicures is sad but we’ve got the solution for you!

Introducing… NAIL WRAPS! Quick, easy and, most of all, SO PRETTY.

We also love collabs, they are the bee’s knees this season and we were suckers for this one:

GUMMI Nails and Depression have teamed up to bring you a collection of pop art nail wraps that are fast and easy to apply and come in so many shades of cute I can’t even!

GUMMI Nails is a Singapore-based designer nail-wrap label that manufactures premium quality nail-wraps inspired by runways and trending topics. Depression is a Singapore-based fashion label that’s been seen on the likes of Adam Lambert and Taboo from the Black Eyed Peas. Talk about a local power-collaboration!

We loved their wacky retro-mod collection titled ‘Don’t Be Silly‘.

Don't Be Silly - Depression-01

Inspired by a pair of ‘dysfunctional lovebirds’, the collection features two sets of ten unique designs pour femme and pour homme. That’s right, you read right, GUMMI x Depression played around with the concept of unisex designs “for boys to start experimenting with nail art too” (according to Kenny Lim and Andrew Loh, Depression designers). We think this may be a first (for Singapore), although male-art isn’t unheard of if you follow America’s Next Top Model as religiously as we do.

The Girl Who’s Scared of Clown
ANTM Cycle 20: Miss Tyra Banks introduces male-art. YUM.

Each GUMMI Nail kit comes with 20 nail wraps in different sizes, a nail-file, cuticle stick and a step-by-step guide (like, who actually reads instructions nowadays?). Don’t Be Silly is also priced at a super affordable $16 each. You can get them online or at GUMMI’s Cineleisure store and at Depression outlets come November 2013!

So girls (and guys) time to get your nail on!

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Explore latest trends in contemporary culture