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VIDEO: YouTube Sensation Alaina Castillo Chats About her Latest EP

Originally famous for her original covers of popular songs on YouTube, now official songstress Alaina Castillo has released a new EP, ‘parallel universe pt. 1′. Her single ‘Just A Boy’ was so hot it actually caught the attention of top Kpop boyband BTS member, V.

Beginning with creating soft, lullaby versions of popular songs with a quirky ASMR vibe, the singer’s voice is described as being a ‘hyper-controlled, lightweight soprano’.

Alaina released her first original song in 2018. Entitled ‘Let Me Know’, the track set up the singer-songwriter’s original style of dark ballads infused with R&B. With a Mexican father and an American mother, the singer has also set herself apart by writing bilingual pop anthems, and like most Gen-Xers, she has also established an intimate relationship with her fans.

“The reason that I am doing all of this is because I connect to it on a very deep level and I want my fans to connect to it in the same way, with their own meaning,” she told ET Online. “Hopefully it gives them that escapism that it gives me.”

Still only 23 years old, Alaina already has one career under her belt, and it looks like her next one as an official superstar will be just as successful. Alaina sat down with one of Singapore’s favourite interviewers, Charmaine Yee to discuss everything from inspiration to being famous.


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Explore latest trends in contemporary culture