Of Methodist Announces Debut Album And Release Date

Local R&B artist Of Methodist announced the title of his debut album along with its tracklist and release date in an Instagram post on Wednesday (May 15).

Soldier Without A Rifle will feature 10 tracks, including the 2017 singles Sar 21 and Authority. Released through Umami Records, the album drops May 24 on streaming platforms.

The album includes features by fellow local acts Ffion, Slodown, Axel Brizzy, Sam Rui and J.SON.

The album is prefaced by nearly two years of releases. The most recent single, Bayfront Stn, was released last December. Saint XCVII previously appeared on his 2016 EP, Coven.


Now based in Chicago, the 21-year-old is pursuing a degree in Fine Arts with a focus in architecture at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Speaking to Popspoken in 2017, Of Methodist cited FKA Twigs and Jasmine Sokko as inspirations. The latter had released just two singles then.

“Before I went onto Spotify I was on Soundcloud all the time. I think one distinct thing about Soundcloud is that if you’re there, you’re learning how to produce. After a while you get this sort of ‘school’ vibe from the site. Everyone’s teaching one another, and from all over the world,” he said then.


“So I was picking up sounds and instruments from other Soundcloud producers, and they were picking up sounds from me. My first two EPs are quite experimental, in a sense. I still experiment now, but I’ve very much come to terms with my own sound.”


Header image: Of Methodist

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Explore latest trends in contemporary culture