ZoukOut 2016: Five Minutes With Malaysian DJ Duo Goldfish & Blink

ZoukOut is happening for the 16th year. Highlights this year, aside from a wide array of international and local DJs, is the curated food village. Curated by Tan Huang Ming of Park Bench Deli, expect to sink your teeth into delicious beef frankfurter buns by Potato Head, black spicy tonkotsu ramen by Keisuke Ramen, ebi tempura by Teppei, pulled pork burrito by Decker Barbeque and more.

Ahead of the festival happening on the 9 and 10 December, we speak with regional favourites, Goldfish & Blink.

POPSPOKEN: Has Goldfish & Blink’s music direction changed since you guys provided the official ZoukOut 2014 anthem “First Light”? If so, how?

G+B: The energy is still there but like all music, it evolves. we think there will always be some significant G+B in it, like the chord melodies and some elements but we always like progress and finding new sounds.

So one day we may make a banger, but on another we could make a radio friendly pop hit – but the core will always be energy and emotions in a song.

POPSPOKEN: What are you looking forward to the most about playing at ZoukOut 2016?

G+B: The new stage, we hear there are some changes on the mainstage. We’ve played the mainstage in 2014 and it was one of the best shows of the year for us that year.

It is also quite an experience, staying up all the way to 8am to a full crowd was insane. I’m sure it’s gonna be another massive show.


POPSPOKEN: What does your new single Alpha mean to you?

G+B: As what the title means, the first of a series, the beginning. It was actually quite a long hiatus from us in terms of putting out music.

Alpha is a start again to a sound we love, you can hear some similarities in the Tokyo Drift bootleg we recently put out and also some new stuff we got coming out. We’ll be playing lots of new stuff at ZoukOut 2016.

POPSPOKEN: Name one DJ you would love to collaborate with.

G+B: Hardwell!

POPSPOKEN: Lastly, how would you like “Goldfish & Blink” to be remembered?

G+B: The DJ duo that always puts on a legendary show.

Catch Goldfish & Blink live at ZoukOut 2016 day 2 (10 Dec), 9:15PM at the Moon Stage.

Cover Photo: Goldfish & Blink Facebook
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