Why We Love DJ Hito of ENTER.Sake

It all began when Hito’s involvement in a successful mobile ramen business intrigued Richie Hawtin, who was recently awarded an Honorary Doctorate in music technology. The multi linguist, Hito, was ear marked by him to lead his sake project in 2009 and subsequently his ENTER.Sake tours in 2012.

Richie who grew up in England, Canada and Detroit; is someone Hito describes as a “person of the world”. His appreciation and openness to Asian culture has allowed his music to transcend boundaries. It is a philosophy that Hito shares too, whose goal is to play music beyond language, and this she will continue to do as she takes over Kyo’s decks alongside local DJs EJ Missy and Zig Zach on 12 November.

Popspoken: What is the most difficult thing about playing vinyl sets. Will you ever switch from vinyl to electronic sets?
I am not technical person, I am more of a selector. The most difficult or sensitive point is to feel the floor of each of the places I play in.

Popspoken: Can you list your top 5 music festivals in the world that you have attended/would like to attend?

  1. Movement festival, Detroit – Very friendly, long history, professional organization, fantastic line ups and warm welcoming!
  2. Awakenings, Amsterdam – Various artists, huge venues, big party, celebrating.
  3. Time warp, Mannheim – Amazing techno lineup, very concentrated, good music school.
  4. ADE, Amsterdam – Many options, nice meetings and discussions, good categories.
  5. ULTRA Music Festival, Japan – Variety of music, perfect organisation, attractions, nice movement!

Popspoken: What do you think of the works of Studio Ghibli?
I think they are very positive and very conceptual as an animation. I like that their work always has the woman as the main heroine.

Popspoken: Do you have any advice for aspiring female DJs out there who would like to pursue DJ-ing as a full time career?
I really feel I am lucky and very happy. On the other hand, we sometimes feel we need to sacrifice something. But if you have a message in your heart, you can make it! That’s if you are female or not.

Follow Hito on her journey here. 


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Explore latest trends in contemporary culture