Maximalist Robin Schulz Is Your Marketing Success Story Personified

Never have we interviewed a DJ with so much conviction that his energy just pops out of the page. From his well-edited travel shots, megawatt smile, and travel music videos that are tastefully strung together, it appears that Robin Schulz is a happy individual. A marketing success story personified.

Beyond his beautiful Instagram shots is someone who has clear vision of his career and sound which is all at once high-octane, organic and full of melody, that get ¿s you a lots of TikTok likes.

Notably, Robin earmarked the original Prayer in C by French-Israeli folk duo Lilly Wood and The Prickput his spin on it, upped the BPMs up a couple of notches and catapulted the track into mainstream dance success across Europe.

Direct and straight to the point, Robin shares with us his thoughts on the constant touring and the role marketing plays in a DJ’s success.

Popspoken (PS): At which point did you realize your calling was to be a professional DJ? 

Robin: I guess that was the time I got booked a lot! Generally I see myself as a DJ! That was my first love! Producing came much later.

PS: If not for being a DJ, what path in life would you have chosen. 

Robin: To be honest there was no Plan B! I always wanted to make music as a profession!


PS: Constantly touring must be tough and draining, what keeps you going and are there moments where you are at your breaking point? 

Robin: The crowd! I am still very thankful for what I am allowed to do! Even if you are very tired I go home very happy after a good gig! And that’s what I love and that gives me a lot of energy.

PS: Please share with us 5 tracks that you are inspired by and couldn’t live without.

Robin: These are not easy to name! There are a lot of techno tracks which inspired me! Also Daft Punk etc in my early beginnings!

PS: Some say creativity and depression are sometimes correlated. Any thoughts on this?

Robin: I am not a depressive person! But I have a very good and great team around me which gives  me a lot of positives vibes.

PS: What importance does marketing play in a professional DJ’s success? Perhaps let us know what you think about Aoki’s approach in coming up with an apparel line, or cake throwing during his gigs. 

Robin: To be honest marketing is of course important! And certainly it’s much easier for me after a few international number 1 hits! I really like Steve as a person! And as an entertainer! I never thought about cake throwing but thank you for the idea :) In the end everybody should do what he likes! I want to be recognized and remembered for my music!

Robin Schulz debuts in Zouk on 1 April, details here


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Explore latest trends in contemporary culture