Mainstream Success Tujamo Talks About Staying True To Your Own Brand Of Music

Tujamo is just a name I came up with while looking for a new word to call myself,” disclaims Matthias Richter. Nonetheless, this pseudonym has become one of the hottest commodities in the house music scene today. A diligent artisan who tirelessly hones his craft, he won his first DJ-ing competition when he was barely a teen, which eventually landed him a residency in one of Germany’s most prominent nightclubs, where he first met electro-house heavyweight Laidback Luke in 2008.

Tujamo sent Laidback Luke a remixed version of the latter’s hit Rocking With The Best, and the foundations of a friendship and mutual respect were instantly laid. Tujamo’s stellar career is also spangled by collaborations with nightlife luminaries like Chris Lake, Steve Aoki and Danny Avila.

The former avid skater laments that he has had to give up his other hobbies to make time for his burgeoning career, disclosing that he struggles to divide his time between the studio and his loved ones, when not flying around the world to spin in sold-out venues. Next weekend, he graces Singapore’s premier nightclub Zouk, which is guaranteed to be a teeming affair. “I am driven by the energy of the audience,” quipped the excitable musician, who once revealed that he sometimes gets very pumped up when reading the multitudes of tweets that he receives before taking a venue’s musical reins. Popspoken was fortunate enough to have the chance to pick the brain of this forthcoming gent just before he mounts Zouk’s decks on 20th February.


Popspoken: Are you guilty of listening to any cheesy musicians whom everyone else hates?
Nope, I think my taste in music is pretty solid. I actually never listen to any cheesy pop music. I enjoy well-written stuff with great lyrics and vocals.

What are your favourite musical elements  when concocting your brand of electro-house?
I’m still a big fan of brass sounds, although I try to implement fresh new sounds into my originals and remixes as well. And, of course, anything that makes the beats sound thumping is great. I love when beats make you bounce.

I can tell from Booty Bounce! Do you think that was your big break?
and Who! did very well, but yes, personally for me it was Booty Bounce.

You and your friends are certainly infamous for making hormone-charged music videos. What kind of music do you like to make?
I love electronic music, anything from the stuff I produce to more laidback stuff as well. For now I’m super focused on producing my sound.

All musicians want to succeed with their own sound, but have you had to do anything in particular to get noticed?
Well, I’m not sure what exactly it was. I think I just made my own thing and a lot of people liked it. It’s not too hard sound-wise and I love to make people move. I didn’t want to make things too loud or too aggressive. Just good club music.

You’re constantly travelling for work. Have you ever messed up your schedule?
I once went to the airport because I had a show in Italy. When I arrived at the airport, I messaged a friend who I knew was DJ-ing at the same festival. I asked him when he was playing, today (day 1) or tomorrow (day 2). Then he told me that the festival wasn’t starting before tomorrow and I could not believe it. Turns out, I was a day early at the airport and had to go back home (laughs)

Thanks for your time, Matthias! Before you go, would you mind disclosing which of your celebrity friends party the hardest?
Not sure, but some of them really live their lifes to the fullest!

Details of Tujamo’s gig at Zouk can be found here.


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