Bigger And Bolder: Laneway Festival Announces Additional Stage, Acts

Attend enough editions of the Laneway Festival and you’ll certainly come across the St. Jerome rule. Keeping in line with a tradition dating back to its Melbourne bar days, the implicit rule is that no one should treat Laneway as simply an “indie rock” or “non-mainstream artist” festival.

This used to be the case. We are just a little bit more than a week to the festival, but you have to admit that Laneway is steadily taking a new form.


On the day you walk into The Meadows at Gardens By The Bay for Laneway 2016 – provided you already have tickets or are still contemplating (in which case you should really get one soon) – you will see a total of four stages. As the festival readies itself with finishing touches, we can see that more changes are afoot-  there is one more stage, compared to last year’s edition, and the organisers have even announced more acts.

Adding on to the already-impressive line-up are JPS (Australia), Rah (Singapore), B Bravo (US), and many others.


If anything, the change signals a return to the Laneway of old, but at the same time bringing out the best of many up and coming Singaporean acts.

The area is going to have 11 hours of non-stop tunes, and it’s going to be a wild street party like the early Laneway Festivals,” said Danny Rogers, co-founder of the festival.

It’s the first time we are doing anything like this in Singapore, and we believe it will spawn a new period of us taking on unique collaborations,” Rogers added.


Also joining the motley crew are homegrown artists Brandon Tay, Empyreal, Fauxe and Mean. The latter’s album NSFW: Not Safe For Work was one of JUICE Malaysia’s Favourite Records of 2015.

Last year’s edition, with a capacity of 13,000, was completely sold out, and with the Laneway train showing no signs of slowing down, be sure to get your tickets before they sell out!


Image credits: 19sixtyfive, Artists’ Facebook pages

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