Want a Taste of American Candy? The Maine Returns to Singapore

Pop punkers, rejoice! The Maine is scheduled to play in Singapore again this 15 August – this time, armed with some American Candy.

Following the Forever Halloween era in 2013 when The Maine first played in Singapore, this five-piece pop rock American band have since marked a new chapter for themselves with their fifth studio album American Candy. It was released in the March of this year, debuting in the Top 40 of the Billboard 200 chart.

The first music video in American Candy was released just a month ago, titled “English Girls”. It encapsulates the head-bobbing, almost-indie and dreamy vibes that are set off with the American Candy album as a whole.


In light of their upcoming show here on our sunny island, we interview Garrett Nickelsen – the bassist of The Maine – about his thoughts on their new album as well as on coming back to Singapore!

POPSPOKEN: Congratulations on your new album American Candy! Are you pleased with the reception of the new album so far?

Garrett Nickelsen: I’m super excited about how people are feeling about American Candy. I feel like our fans who have been around for years love it and new people are seeming to like it too. Can’t ask for more than that.

POPSPOKEN: Do you think that American Candy has re-defined the sound of your band?

Garrett: I feel like if anything we might have gone back to a sound we’ve had before. A heavily 90’s influenced record with splashes of more relevant sounds. We weren’t trying to make this specific album, it was just what happened when we started jamming together. I think this album just really stamped in the book that we can be a really great Pop- Rock band.

POPSPOKEN: The Maine played in Singapore for the first time in 2013. Do you have any memorable moments while you were here?

Garret: Singapore is one of my favourite places we’ve got to visit and play shows in the world! I loved it so much. The people were so nice and the food was amazing. The show was insane! I just had the best time. The whole first trip was a great memory I will have for the rest of my life. I can’t wait to be back.

John O’Callaghan points to a lucky fan from the sold out crowd at The Maine Live in Singapore 2013. Photo: Alvin Ho

POPSPOKEN: Is there anything you are looking forward to see, do or eat back in Singapore?

Garett: Last time we were there I ate stingray for the first time. It was so good I think I ate two whole stingrays the first night. I really need to find me some more.

POPSPOKEN: Tell us more about your Free for All Tour happening this fall, mostly around the USA. What does The Maine hope to achieve with this special initiative?

Garrett: The Free for All Tour is just something to give back to our fans who have gone to tons of shows and travelled around the world to see us. There are tons of people who gone upwards 50 shows so we thought it could be cool to have a tour where they didn’t need to pay for anything and maybe they can bring some friends along who were maybe on the fence about seeing us in hopes they have a great time.

We have thought about doing a tour like this for years and for it to actually happen is a dream come true. It was for sure not the easiest thing to put together but the challenge is fun too! As far as we know, one has really ever done anything like this before. We like pushing the limits I guess!

POPSPOKEN: What can we expect from your Singapore show on 15 August?

Garett: A kickass rock n roll show full of tunes from all our records. I hope people are ready to jump around and sing along. We’ve been waiting for this show since we left a few years back!

POPSPOKEN: At the end of the day, how would you like The Maine to be remembered?

Garrett: I think we want to be remembered as a hardworking band that never did things the “normal” way. Always putting out records that pushed ourselves and our audience but always kept that little spark that made us who we are.


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The Maine is playing at St James Power Station on 15 August 2015.
Tickets are available from $58 at http://upsurgeproductions.com/event/themaine

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