Five Musical Acts Set To Rock Singapore In Time For SG50

SG50 is a time of reminiscence and appreciation of our past and current heroes and achievements. It is also the time of celebration.

This year, we’ve seen tons of great bands reach our shores in the name of SG50. With the nation’s birthday set to be held in August, a few other bands are hopping by our shores – some, for the first time – just in time to celebrate our Golden Jubilee.

For two of them, they will be performing in a unique crowd-sourced party by Tiger Beer. Brit alternative band The Kooks and Aussie indie-rock piece The Griswolds will perform at the Unofficial Official SG50 Party on August 5 at the Capitol Theatre. Tickets to this exclusive event will only be offered to select participants who take part in a voting system where attendees can choose what they want to see at the party.

To cast your vote, head over to Voting is currently ongoing, and will end Jul 19.

Here’s some more information of the band, plus three others coming to our shores this year:

1) The Kooks

If there ever was a consistent crowd favourite at festivals and gigs, it would be The Kooks. Formed in 2004 in the United Kingdom, the alternative band has come a long way from the first time they met during their college days.

After recording their extended play demo, the group only took a short four months to be talent-spotted and signed with a record company, Virgin Records. From then on, there was no turning back, as they broke into mainstream conscience with a series of awards and recognitions, such as the award for the Best UK and Ireland Act at the MTV Europe Music Awards in 2006.

The Kooks will be performing in Singapore exclusively at the Tiger Beer Unofficial Official SG50 Party. Be sure not to miss them!

2) The Griswolds

The Griswolds is a four-man band hailing from Down Under. Although they were formed just three years ago, they have been making waves in the indie community, and have been signed with one of the world’s largest indie record label companies, Wind-Up Records.

The band once revealed that they had all met by chance on popular online chat website, Chatroulette and also reported to have described their music as being the “love child of Kanye West and The Beach Boys”.

We love The Griswolds for their indie-rock and electronic beats, and are blown away by their debut album, Be Impressive! They will also be performing at the Tiger Beer Unofficial Official SG50 Party.

3) Against The Current

American pop rock band Against The Current may only have been formed in 2011, but their catchy tunes and successful collabs mean that they’ve been rising faster and further than the rest.

The three-man band’s claim to fame was their covers of popular pop songs from artistes such as Taylor Swift and Kelly Clarkson on YouTube. They were then shortly spotted by Warner Music’s sub label Fueled By Ramen.

Since then, the trio, led by a charming Chrissy Costanza, had been on the road, and have not looked back since. They go on their first-ever world tour in August, and will make a stop in Singapore to perform at *Scape The Ground Theatre on Aug 31.

4) The Story So Far

American pop-punk band The Story So Far’s tale of how they came about is a book in the making. The five-man band which was formed in 2007 had been embroiled in a name rights controversy with a band with a similar name that was formed in 1999.

Even so, they’ve managed to dust themselves off and blaze a trail in the punk pop scene, making a name for themselves and setting themselves apart as a cut from the rest with their fresh music and memorable lines.

As they head on to their world tour in August, the band is set to turn the page into the next chapter of their lives. We just have one word of caution for fans going to catch their electric performances: don’t do stage selfies with them.

5) Man Overboard

In the same vein as The Story So Far, Man Overboard is an American pop-punk band, formed only a year later in 2008.

The quintet, which is signed to record label company Rise Records, has released two extended plays and three full-length albums so far. All of their releases have been well-received by both critics and fans alike.

The band, which is well known for their melodious and energetic tunes, will be in Singapore for the very first time with The Story So Far in August.

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