Laneway Singapore 2015: As Told In 10 Hipster Instagrams

[UPDATE 250115 1400h: Scroll all the way to the bottom!]

What do tech and festivals have in common? Yup, Instagram: the all-important art of taking the right shot that encompasses all your feelings, thoughts and VSCO Cam x Hypebeast filters into one perfect slice of history.

With the recently-concluded Laneway Festival Singapore 2015, there was no shortage of moments worth capturing on Instagram. From crumpled setlists to owning your own hipsterdom, there were plenty of life-changing and affirming moments that make festivals like this etched into the minds and newsfeeds of others. Here’s what went down, and what brightness and contrast meter went up.

1) Laneway probably is the only place where you can pull off a Red Indian headdress and not get accused of cultural misappropriation.

A photo posted by NYLON SINGAPORE (@nylonsg) on

2) Crowd shots are so boring. Add some perspective, because indie is a refreshing lens into the world of music.

A photo posted by bev aw (@bevly) on

3) Most of what indie offers requires a second take — it’s not as straightforward as a 4/4 pop beat. Just, ya know, don’t make the next one too obvious…

A photo posted by melvintage (@melvintage) on

4) Some of these acts are new to the scene, as is with what Laneway is trying to promote. So, it’s no surprise that some acts are mistaken for other ones… (we know she’s kidding about the caption, take it easy guys)

Great opening for Celine Dion. #lanewaysg A photo posted by Orada K. (@ordaa) on

5) Just call yourself hipster. Own it. And make it truly your own way of expression. Screw what people have to say about your moon headpiece.

hipster efforts

A photo posted by 獣。 (@corium) on

6) How to create an indie Beyonce? Just add wind in your hair and a fish-eye lens.

7) We’re calling it: the next thing fans will bring for artistes to sign is party hats. Ay, caliente!

A photo posted by Janean (@cannedjans) on


A photo posted by Sarah Thiam (@truckerfling) on

9) It’s 2015 and guess what? Flower headbands are here to stay. The naysayers can suck it.

10) But when all else fails, do what festivalgoers do at festivals: push everyone away and scramble to get the setlist. Because that’s when you know you have fully subscribed to an artist you just fell in love with after an amazing set.

A photo posted by Fiona (@foggyfields) on

Let’s hope Laneway Festival Singapore changes your life again in 2016! Until then, let us all pray for indie music to save our souls and the music industry.

Featured photo: Evan Woon

UPDATE: We’ve done up a special playlist of the two Singapore acts at Laneway 2015, .gif and Hanging Up The Moon. It includes a free download of .gif’s single Juvenile! Check it out here.


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