White Lies’ Magical Evening at TAB

“I love the feeling when we lift off.”

It’s not a white lie that the English indie rock trio White Lies was returning to our shores a second time round, half-a-year since their debut gig appearance for a Burberry private launch event back in October last year. The band must have had a good first impression of a show and Singapore’s receptiveness, while the fans here certainly couldn’t ask for anything more than to welcome with warm, open arms.



“Watching the world so small below.”

Comprising of Harry McVeigh, Charles Cave, Jack Lawrence-Brown alongside on-tour members Tommy Bowen and Rob Lee, the group donned on complete black and subtle (casual) attires, with the exception of the striking contrast in the lead singer’s slight oversized white tee and shiny leather shoes. Minimalism was at its peak – even with live dynamism, with the occasional stepping forward of Harry away from the microphone stand to be closer and at one with the audience below. Regardless, that did not matter much, especially when we were rewarded with heart-thumping soul and passion in delivery of each musical lyric and note.


We go alive in a heartbeat.”

Words after words depicting honesty, vulnerability and the silence of fear creeping up lingered in the air and space within and between us. These words – from popular numbers like “Unfinished Business” (“You got blood on your hands, and I know it’s mine!”), “There Goes Our Love Again”, “Farewell to the Fairground”, “E.S.T.” (“I hope you remember me, I hope you never pretend for me”), “First Time Caller” (“She said I was a first time caller but a long time listener, I’ve been waiting a while to talk to you”), “Bigger Than Us” and “Death(“this fear’s got a hold on me”) – somewhat mingled and stayed with the compact crowd gathered that night at TAB, and unconscious sing-along dawned upon most of us, especially the female fans standing at the front of the pack, with their eyes on the prize of the night (the band, but special emphasis on the frontman). It was a magical evening, particularly for the fans…

“As people drift into a dreamworld.”


It might be farewell to the fairground this time round with White Lies, but we sure look forward to their next return, as ever embracing as the feeling of home.

“Keep on running, there’s no place like home.”

(photo credits: Liwei Teo)


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