[Laneway Festival Special] Vance Joy Makes Riptides

T-minus 19 days till the first music festival of the year!

Performing under the moniker Vance Joy, Australian indie folk singer-songwriter James Keogh made riptides when he released his debut EP God Loves You When You’re Dancing back in March 2013. His hit single “Riptide” became an epic success in the land down under that was even certified Double Platinum by the Australian Record Industry Association (ARIA). As he embarks on his Laneway Festival adventure, we managed to catch up with Keogh to talk about his new EP, performing on our sunny shores and the day he finally finds a looney in his bedroom sniffing his tees?

Hello James! What have you been up to?

Just recording and chilling out at home

 So first things first, how did Vance Joy come about?

Vance Joy is a character from a Peter Carey book called Bliss. I liked the sound of the name, so used it.

What gave you the reason and motivation to record your EP God Loves You When You’re Dancing and what’s the meaning behind the title of the EP?

I like the sentiment of the title – letting go and being yourself. Those that mind don’t matter those that matter don’t mind – Dr. Seuss

How do you approach writing and recording songs?

Song writing is a bit of a mystery. I think it is worth keeping a beginners mind when approaching it

What was the process of producing the album like?

More involved than the EP. It was a good journey and challenge.

Your sound is undeniably unique and had a certain air of confidence when the first demo was ever released. Not many singer-songwriters are able to achieve this, what was the secret behind it?

I think if you wrote a good song you believe in then that confidence is natural.

The video for your hit single ‘Riptide’ is really interesting, where did the concept come about?

We had sent out the song to a few directors. A lot of them came back with really detailed ideas and story lines. Dimitri Basil came back with one page & one line. It simply said – I want to make a literal video clip. I couldn’t say no to that. We didn’t hear from him for about 2 months, and then he delivered the clip, and we were happy.

How has performing been so far? Were there any down right bat shit crazy experiences that you and your band have shared?

Yeah we went and got ice creams one day – and I got a flake and nuts and a cherry on top…If that ain’t crazy I don’t know crazy.

What type of crowds do you all prefer playing? Small and more intimate gigs or large festivals?

Both – big crowds electrify you and small crowds listen closely and quietly

What have been the craziest fan experiences you all have gotten?

I haven’t got a stalker yet but my fingers are crossed, I am waiting for the day when I come home and there is a looney in my house smelling my clothes.

If your sound could be represented by a scent or a flavor, what would it be?

Saffron – flavourless but can turn rice a nice tinge of yellow

Will playing Laneway Festival in Singapore be your first time here?

Yes I’m really excited. My mate was there recently and said it was beautiful.

 What have you heard about the crowds here and what is one thing that you guys would want to do when you’re here? (E.g. try the local food)

Us guys are excited to try the local food and to see the rainforest garden thing.

Are there any bands in the Laneway lineup that you’re pretty stoked about catching?

I can’t wait to catch Lorde and Adalita.

Lastly, what do you want your audience to feel after catching your set?

I want them to not be too conscious of their sore feet/backs. To offer a moment of respite :))))))

The count down has already started and if you’re not as excited as we are about Laneway this year, then you need to inhale a line of Pixy Stix for that rush!

Laneway Festival Singapore 2014
The Meadow, Gardens By the Bay
Saturday, 25 January 2014

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