2013 Has Been Nothing Short of Amazing, Here are 6 New Tracks on Our Radar

2013 has been nothing short of amazing for music made in Singapore. From Sezairi Sezali making his comeback, to The Final 1 exports Farisha Ishak & Hashy Yusof making waves, there is much to celebrate on the mainstream frontier. New releases from !nch, Vandetta and Daphne Khoo have peppered the calendar and it’s no different as the year draws to a close. Here’s what’s on our release radar as we say goodbye to 2013.

Riot !n Magenta – Cloud (off their new EP, R3b007)

We’ve been big fans of this electro indie act, comprising vocalist Eugenia Yip and producer Hayashida Ken, ever since they debuted in 2011. Now back after their break in March 2012 with a new member, The Great Spy Experiment guitarist Khairyl Hashim, the act’s new three-track EP R3B007 (pronounced “reboot”) sports a heavier sound than their previous EP. We already love the track Cloud: Eugenia’s powerful vocals flit effortlessly between drawl and belt. The synths are heavier and the heady loop will have you hooked.

The act will launch their EP at a launch party at the Esplanade Concert Hall. Dec 27, 9.30pm, $25 from SISTIC.

Gentle Bones – Until We Die

If there’s a new Singapore act that we’re completely excited for this year, it’s Gentle Bones. Joel Tan is no stranger to the gig scene, having performed at the Mosaic Music Festival and the Singapore Writers Festival. His debut single Until We Die has everything that makes folk-pop perfection: from his slight Welsh voice lilt to the anthemic choral riffs, the song has everything in its power to impact radio and go big. We are placing our bets on Gentle Bones joining Charlie Lim among the greats of Singapore folk-pop.

Look out for Gentle Bones’ new album coming out next year. Until We Die is available on iTunes.

JAWN – Gold

Jonathan Chan did the whole YouTube/gig shebang about two years back, then went completely missing. We’re glad he’s back, because his debut single Gold is some kind of wonderful. Laced with a country-folk sensibility, JAWN sings about the sort of immaterialism that acts like Lorde are pounding onto radio airwaves. We hope to hear more from JAWN next year, because going by what he has produced, things are looking very good for him.

Download Gold for free here.

Charlie Lim – Bitter & Conspiracy

After what seemed like forever, our wait for new music from Charlie Lim is coming to an end. The singer-songwriter’s debut EP garnered critical acclaim and his next production looks set to enter that same lane. His double-EP, Time/Space, is scheduled to be released by summer 2014 but you don’t have to wait that long to hear two tracks off each EP.

Bitter (from Time) premiered last year, but the new video from an acoustic session at Sing Song Studios gives a more intimate look at the track. Charlie revealed to Bandwagon that the single was two years in the making and that he found the lyrics to complete the melody after going through a break-up. Conspiracy (from Space) ventures into the more electronic-indie sound that Charlie has been exploring, if you’ve been to his gigs. It’s dark, experimental and very heady: just the kind of shake-up we’re excited to see from an artist.

Time/Space will be released by summer 2014.

Tim De Cotta – Rio

The former R&B artiste from Sixx (the band disbanded in July 2011) debuts his new single Rio. But, that is not all: besides his upcoming EP Warrior, he is also involved in two other acts. TAJ recently released its supersingle The Astral Journey and Kilo Habit is set to release its debut EP soon. TAJ’s EP will be out in April while Warrior is likely to drop late June. We’re keeping Tim on our watch.

…and more new music from These Brittle Bones

After a sterling two years releasing an EP and three singles, we’re excited to hear that teenage singer-songwriter Chris Jones has new material! Expect nothing less from this enigma as his folk-indie melodies enrapture you into ambient heaven. And no, we are not taking any Jake Bugg comparisons, thank you.


Another act set to drop her upcoming effort is soul songstress Michaela Therese. With so much new music out and in store, we’re keeping tabs on 2014 to deliver in the Singapore music arena.

Photo: YouTube screengrab


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