Miley Cyrus Waxes Lyrical On Heartbreak In “Bangerz”

Previously innocent Disney starlet Miley Cyrus has released her third solo effort “Bangerz” via a free stream on iTunes earlier today. This album has been highly anticipated, as the queen of twerk hasn’t released a body of work since her 2010 hot mess “Can’t Be Tamed”. With two massive singles already under its belt, the album has high expectations of the public that loves to love and hate the big MC.


The album starts out with a strange opening track “Adore You” a mid tempo reggae influenced ballad that leaves a lot to be desired. It’s rather sleepy compared to the following tracks “We Can’t Stop” and ” SMS (Bangerz)” the latter of which features the queen of pop herself Britney Spears. The title track of the album sounds awfully like an old Brit Brit song called “Do Something” which is rather ironic seeing as how she’s featured on the track. Intentional maybe? Britney’s lazy nasal vocals don’t add much to the track, which is sure to be an underground dance hit.

The next 2 tracks are once again, rather lacklustre and awfully repetitive. 4×4 featuring Nelly has an infectious drum beat which is great when heard on one or two tracks, but this drum hook seems to be featured heavily on the album- making it less of a novelty and more of a commodity. Apart from being uninteresting 4×4 is also crudely sexual, much like all of Miley’s recent public antics. Despite sounding rather similar to “Adore You” “My Darlin” has a raw and intensely personal feel to it, it’s captured that beautiful moment of sincerity that the next track (and probably the highlight of the album) “Wrecking Ball” has.


“Wrecking Ball” is a good old fashioned pop power ballad that tugs at the heart strings. While it’s classic and somewhat expected, the dubstep element to the song is what really makes it interesting. It maintains being raw and emotional, while incorporating something current and popular. It’s obvious as to why the song recently became Miley’s first #1 hit on the Billboard Hot 100.

“Love, Money, Party” is an assault on the ears. It’s another desperate attempt from Cyrus trying to be controversial and bad ass. It honestly comes across as incredibly desperate, and has an annoying synthesized hook in the background that adds nothing to the already irritating song. The next song “#GETITRIGHT” is a refreshing change of speed for the album, with it’s bright reggae influences shining through. Cyrus sounds downright elated, and it translates through her vocal. This song would be a very clever single choice, as (much like Blurred Lines) it offers a sound that isn’t really on mainstream radio right now.


“Drive” is another highlight of the album, with Miley’s powerhouse vocals shining over another dubstep influenced hook. When Miley gets it right with the power ballads she really does just that- gets it completely right. A great music video can be envisioned with this song, and it could definitely be one of the albums closing singles. “FU” is a clear ode to her now ex fiancé Liam Hemsworth. It’s surely about her being cheated on, and it’s got an interesting circusy ring to it paired with an aggressive vocal. Her falsetto sounds flawless.

“Do My Thang” is an improved and more polished version of “Love Money Party” and will definitely be a big club hit. It’s an obnoxious, self obsessed song- but what else can we expect from Cyrus these days? “Maybe You’re Right” is another album highlight. Cyrus clearly is at her finest when she’s in touch with her emotions, and this song is simply beautiful. The album closes with “Someone Else” which is an adieu to her fiancé letting him know that “love doesn’t live here anymore.” It’s quite bitter if you really listen to the lyrics.


All in all, this is probably Cyrus’s best attempt as of yet. It has a great continuity but runs the risk of having all the songs sound similar when listened to at one time. She’s found her home in power ballads, and getting in touch with her emotions is a strong point for her sonically. Her best work comes from her heartbreak and it seems as though there has been plenty of that this time around.

Miley Cyrus’s “Bangerz” is available for pre-order on iTunes now, and will be available for physical purchase & digital download on 4th October. You can also purchase her singles “Wrecking Ball” and “We Can’t Stop” which are available on iTunes now. 


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