Bite Sized Beef: Tuck into New Culinary Offerings This May

It’s official; we’ve entered the month of May, and even if you haven’t been keeping track, the constant hum of your air conditioning would’ve probably clued you in. On top of the unbearable heat, the bustle of life seems to be in full throttle at this time of the year – we hope you’ve managed to fit some stellar nosh into your hectic schedule.

Otherwise, let us remedy that immediately with a review of the shiniest new menus across the sweltering nation, featuring moreish bar bites, comforting pasta and an alternative take on fish dishes.

Higher Ground

Thugshop takes good eats to new heights with their most recent venture, Higher Ground, a rooftop bar and diner that overlooks the glimmering skyline of Boat Quay. At this fresh pan-continental concept, Chef Brandon Lee takes the helm and aims for the skies, capturing the spirit of a glitzy night out through a fare of elegant bar bites. 

Settle in for an evening of tantalising flavours under the stars, starting with the Bak Kut Teh Spring Rolls, an appetiser that reintroduces the familiar tastes of the slow-cooked pork shoulder. After a round of award-winning craft beers and curated cocktails from the Higher Ground bar, dive headfirst into heftier plates like the buttery Salmon Rillette Brioche and a pick from the hand-stretched pizzas made in-house such as The Classic that features a cherry tomato confit and fresh mozzarella. Before you leave, be sure to get an order of Otah Nuggets – a fluffy blend of fish paste encased in a light, crunchy shell that’s sure to be a hit at the table.

When? Now till otherwise specified
64C Boat Quay, Singapore 049852


Acclaimed restaurateur, chef and cookbook author Josh Niland has been making big waves in the industry with his brilliantly sustainable scale-to-tail approach towards fish butchery, resulting in gastronomical delicacies like the fish-eye ice cream. Perhaps not for the faint of heart but an imaginative feat for certain.

Chef Niland funnels his culinary artistry into FYSH at EDITION, introducing a seafood-centric steakhouse menu to the lush 154-seater restaurant. Here, no part of a valuable catch goes to waste, as demonstrated by lending the versatility of the Yellowfin Tuna to a multitude of dishes on the fare. There is the freshly butchered Yellowfin Tuna Fillet Steak, the Mooloolaba Yellowfin Tuna Steak Tartare as a refreshing starter, a 15-day Dry Aged Yellowfin Tuna Ribeye for elevated textures and flavours, and then the Mooloolaba Yellowfin Tuna Cheeseburger from the lunch options.

The spirit of Chef Niland’s circular philosophy doesn’t end at just the mains and entrées; signature cocktails like the Oyster Shell Gin & Sonic fall in line with the seafood bill, offering a piquant brininess that comes from the sophisticated Never Never Oyster Shell Gin.

When? Now till otherwise specified
38 Cuscaden Rd, Singapore 249731


What better way to kick off weekend mornings than with boozy, bottomless brunches?

A quick getaway to the contemporary enclave of Dempsey Hill will lead you to the French-touched doorstep of Claudine, where communal dining finds its place within a refurbished 19th-century colonial chapel. Expect a spectacular feast with the tender Mackas Angus Grilled Prime Rib and Whole Roasted Chicken, presented in generous sharing portions so the whole party gets a taste without squabbling over the last piece. Also off the brunch menu is the crowd-pleaser Croque Madame a la Truffe, a runny over-easy atop the spiced jambon de Paris on toast, all drenched in Swiss Gruyere cheese and an earthy Perigeux sauce. Then, wash it all down with either the delicate bubblies from the Billecart-Salmon Free Flow or the flavourful wines of the Claudine Free Flow.

Bottomless Brunch on a Hill
When? Every Saturday and Sunday, 11.30am to 3pm
39C Harding Rd, Singapore 249541

La Table d’Emma

The journey at La Table d’Emma is filled with purpose, from its name, affectionately after Chef Michael Muller’s beloved wife, Emma, to its thoughtful fare that sees the blend between Alsace traditions and classic French cuisine.

La table d’amis, or “the friends’ table”, is the overarching ethos of this restaurant, presenting a warm dining space that sets the scene for an intimate menu. At the centre of it all is the La Flemmakueche, a playful spin on the Tarte Flambée that comes in four variations, including La Tradition Onion/Lardons, a crisp flatbread loaded with caramelised onions and savoury lardons in a creamy Fromage Blanc. The Bouchée à la Reine is another signature borne out of romance, this time in the form of a masterfully flaky pastry. Inside, a combination of veal, chicken and a velvety mushroom velouté make for the perfect bite.

“La Table d’Emma is not just a restaurant; it’s a culmination of a lifelong passion for the art of cooking and the joy of bringing people together,” states Chef Muller. For dessert, dig deep into the decadent Le Mille-Feuille Vanille, Hazelnut Praline, a puff pastry comprising crisp layers and a silky vanilla crème pâtissière – the sweetest of treats to round off the communal experience.

When? Now till otherwise specified
8 Club Street, #01-04, Singapore 069742

Bar Cicheti

Jiak Chuan Road’s resident pasta bar concept Bar Cicheti reopened its doors after a month-long overhaul to a spanking new scarlet interior, a far cry from the fluted teak wood panels most would be familiar with. With this revamp comes a refreshed set of offerings – a fresh burst of robust flavours while faithfully keeping to the Cicheti staples that have put them on the map.

The Smoked Rigatoni Cacio e Pepe, for a start, best embodies the notion of having the newly-conceived plates stick to “simplicity, with an infusion of flavour”. Head Chef Danny Ng and Chef-owner Lim Yew Aun build upon the classic recipe, swapping out traditional spaghetti for a smoked bronze-extruded rigatoni to better hold the Sarawak black pepper-dusted creamy meld of pecorino and parmigiano reggiano cheeses. Another standout is the Tagliatelle al Ragù, which features a rich ragù sauce made from beef cheeks braised in Merlot, spread over a plate of spinach tagliatelle.

Of course, it wouldn’t be Bar Cicheti without the wines. “The natural wine movement was making waves across major cities like New York and London and it was a matter of time before wine drinkers here developed more discerning and curious palates. Bar Cicheti was created in that vacuum, which allowed us to play by our own rules and present pasta and wine in a way that was fresh and unexpected,” founder and director of The Cicheti Group Liling Ong expresses. Under the watchful eye of Ronald Kamiyama, the burgeoning wine programme now borrows quotes from iconic movies, such as Oppenheimer’s “Now I am become death, the destroyer of worlds”, an atomic duo of wine négociant O2Y and the Urville-based Maison Drappier.

When? Now till otherwise specified
10 Jiak Chuan Rd, Singapore 089264

Yan Ting

Set foot into the refurbished entrance of Yan Ting at The St. Regis Singapore, a mark of opulence and regality that reflects the excellence of the Cantonese restaurant. Hong Kong-hailing Executive Chef Chan Chung Shing busies himself with perfecting an unmatched menu that underscores the flair of his hometown throughout, leading guests into a journey of signature dishes like the Honey-glazed Iberico Pork, Pan-seared Hokkaido Scallops and a rich bowl of Braised Superior Bird’s Nest. When it comes to more substantial, communal dishes, the Steamed Leopard Coral Grouper and Chef Chan’s Crispy Beef Short Ribs are picks that will surely be a feast for all senses. Between all of its offerings and luxurious interior, Yan Ting presents an unrivalled affair of harmonious tastes deeply rooted in an authentic heritage.

When? Now till otherwise specified
29 Tanglin Rd, Level 1U The St. Regis Singapore, Singapore 247912


Low-lit and rustic, Tribal explores the primordial connection between “food, fire and people” from the core of Mondrian Singapore Duxton. Think wood-fired sharing plates, hearty rice pots and smoky beef cuts, fanned out across the wide gamut of Asian cooking styles. 

Savour cured slices of smoky-citrusy sashimi by starting out with the Hamachi Crudo, or go straight in for the kill with the Santori Organic Kampung Chicken, a roasted half bird glazed in Thai gai yang barbeque marinade. You might also want to grab a bite of Tribal’s most recent additions, including the sweet-spicy Black Cod, kampot pepper-glazed Iberico Pork Chop and wood-fired Roasted Kabocha alongside black barley and chestnut. Don’t be afraid to fill up on carbs as well, the Wild Mushrooms fragrant rice pot is a blissful marriage between the Indonesian-Malaysian claypot and Japanese Donabe, featuring a Thai jasmine rice base, confit mushrooms and aromatic black truffle shavings.

When? Now till otherwise specified
#01-07, 83 Neil Road, Singapore 089813


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