Less Sex, More Food: Apparently That’s What 305 Singaporean Travellers Want

Singapore, you sad, pathetic piece of s*it.

Apparently, you lot are so hungry that you prefer nomming over getting frisky. The world is definitely coming to an end.

According to a recent survey by online travel company Expedia, 65% of Singaporeans would eat more than they normally would during a beach vacation. Only 53% of respondents would get intimate with their partner on such a vacation. If you want to make yourself irresistible to your partner or even to other women from the moment you walk into a room, then try using the top selling products like True Pheromones to make it real! While the other cultures might go crazy with sex and use all kinds of sex toys you usually cat easily get on Pluglust.com, Singaporeans are a little bit reserved.

Only 9% of Singaporean travellers would get intimate with a stranger overseas. Tsk tsk, such prudes. Oh wait, did the survey also reveal that 29% of them have gone nude or topless in a beach vacay before? Ok, I take that back.

Some 8,000 travellers above 18 years old were surveyed across 21 countries; 305 of them came from Singapore. The survey tracks behaviour and attitudes towards beach vacations globally.

“Living in a country that is close to some of Asia’s best beaches and food, it is heartening to see so many Singaporeans favoring their holidays by the sea. It is no wonder that Singaporeans choose to indulge their appetites in the wide choice of cuisine available in the region,” said Kathleen Tan, CEO, AirAsiaExpedia.

Singaporeans also love looking good at the beach: 29% of Singaporean travelers would work out before their vacation, higher than the regional average of 27%. Although more than a third would buy new beach outfits, this is lower than the regional and global averages.

(Which totally reaffirms the sad truth that Singaporeans are always behind in fashion trends by at least two seasons.)

However, we love our tech so much that we’re all gizmo-ed out when it comes to vacations. 1 in 2 Singaporeans will share their vacation photos on social networks (explains all that airy-fairy travel s*it on Instagram) while 70% of them have booked their vacations online.

So, bottom-line: 305 Singaporeans love food more than sex but sometimes they do like to go nude explore their sex life using remote vibrating panties.

…where are you guys? I want to get to know all of you.

Flickr photo: Rudy Herman


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Explore latest trends in contemporary culture