Revolut’s Vibrant Campaign Champions Diversity and Self-Expression

The Revolut campaign, in collaboration with Oogachaga and The Greenhouse, champions diversity and inclusion through the launch of the Diversity Card.

This initiative leverages bold, vibrant colors to celebrate self-expression, with two distinct visuals, that symbolizes and uplifting spirt and impactful change. So far, the community that is supportive of the LGBTQ+ community, has since seen individuals rejoining the app to obtain the card, using it proudly in Singapore and abroad, and experiencing affirming connections with fellow cardholders. Significantly, Oogachaga, upon hearing feedback from the local trans & gender-diverse community about the need to put their “deadname” (as per NRIC or bank account) on the Diversity Card, gave feedback to Revolut about this; since then, Revolut has made arrangements for trans cardholders to use their preferred name on the card, truly reflecting its “diversity” message

Popspoken: What motivated Revolut to partner with Oogachaga and The Greenhouse specifically for this campaign?

Raymond Ng: Revolut strongly believes in supporting all marginalised communities and advocates diversity and inclusion. Both Oogachaga and The Greenhouse have the same ethos and are doing extremely inspiring work, helping and uplifting vulnerable communities.

Through Revolut’s in-app Donation platform, we want to increase awareness and help both organisations with fundraising which will go a long way in supporting their cause. We do not charge any fees and all proceeds will go directly to the organisations.

Revolut first launched the Diversity Card in 2023, in partnership with Oogachaga. Through this campaign, Revolut managed to raise close to S$47,000 from over 4,000 donors. We hope to do more this year!

Popspoken: Can you share any success stories or positive feedback you’ve received from the community or the beneficiaries of the campaign?

Leow Yangfa: We are very proud and absolutely delighted to once again partner Revolut for this Diversity Card campaign. Last year, for the first time Revolut brought their distinctive card to Singapore, raising close to $47,000 for Oogachaga. This is a very significant amount as it accounts for over 10% of the annual operating budget for our nonprofit organisation.

We attribute this incredibly successful collaboration to a number of factors, including proactive efforts by Revolut to work with us on designing and implementing the campaign. We hope to have an even more successful campaign this year in conjunction with Pride Month, where we celebrate diversity, equality and inclusion in our families, schools, workplaces and communities.

Alaric Tan: Even though The Greenhouse is a registered charity, with Institution of Public Character status, and full membership within National Council of Social Service, supporting those who seek to heal from trauma and outgrow addiction remains an uphill task, with fundraising remaining our greatest challenge.

We firmly believe that every person deserves to be loved and accepted as they are, regardless of race, gender or sexual orientation. Becoming a beneficiary of Revolut will not only ease our financial burden, but help those we serve understand that their lives matter, and that life will get better. With your support, we promise to continue our work of building caring and inclusive communities where we can all belong, both within our centre, and across the nation.

Popspoken: How do you envision the future of corporate partnerships in supporting social causes?

Raymond Ng: We are currently supporting a range of social causes spanning LGBTQ+, animal welfare, chronic illnesses and more through our in-app Donations platform. Other than Oogachaga and The Greenhouse, some of the charities on our platform include Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA), Singapore Cancer Society, Action for AIDS and Singapore Red Cross Society. We aim to expand this network of organisations and also have a tool in-app for users to suggest a charity.

In addition to in-app donations, Revolut continues to participate in external events supporting social causes to boost awareness and engagement. For example, Revolut has a booth at Pasar Pink, Singapore’s most inclusive social market on 9 June 2024 at the Museum of Ice Cream. This is the second time Revolut is participating in this event.

In essence Revolut aims to be a vital conduit by bringing users closer to our partner charities, bringing incremental value and benefits to these social causes.

Leow Yangfa: Oogachaga is fully supportive of this year’s theme for Pink Dot SG, “No One Left Behind”. It is an acknowledgement of how, despite Parliamentary repeal of 377A in 2022, little if anything has changed significantly for members of the LGBTQ+ community in our everyday lives.

Since last year, and also in the year to come, in addition to continuing affirming & supporting Singapore’s LGBTQ+ community, Oogachaga is also committed to reaching out and supporting family members, especially parents, with LGBTQ+ children in an affirming way.

Popsopken: How do you measure the impact of your campaigns in terms of both awareness and fundraising?

Raymond Ng: Our end goal is to raise as much awareness and funds for the work that Oogachaga and The Greenhouse is doing. We track the number of Diversity Cards ordered as a benchmark of how much awareness our campaign has raised.

As for fundraising, we have a live in-app tracking mechanism that enables us to track the total amount donated to each charity. This is completely transparent and users can see the total amount raised for a charity at any point in time from their app.

Popspoken: What unique features has Revolut implemented to make donating easier and more engaging for users?

Raymond Ng: Revolut’s in-app Donations platform allows customers to donate effortlessly to causes they care about from a selection of charities in-app. Customers also get more control over how they wish to donate. They can make a one-off payment, round up their spare change or set up a recurring donation. It has never been easier to make a difference to those who need it.

To donate, users can tap on the ‘Lifestyle’ tab in-app and select ‘Donate’ to view all the charities they can donate to and also view the total amounts raised to date, including their own contribution. This allows them to see the impact they have made.

When a specific campaign like Diversity Card is enabled, users can see it tagged to the charity and they will be guided through a seamless card ordering process.

Featured image: Oogachaga. Find out more about the Diversity Card, here.


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