Sonic Brilliance of Linying Live in Concert at the Esplande

Fresh from Los Angeles, Linying returns to her home ground to perform at the Esplanade Annexe Studio. With her evocative lyrics and captivating melodies, Linying is set to deliver an unforgettable live experience, complete with visual artistry by Michelle Mei and Phua Juan Yong. This intimate concert will showcase her new dream-pop direction and include fan favorites, promising an evening of heartfelt and immersive music.

This special show, part of the Mosaic Music Series, will feature stunning visuals and a guest appearance by Subsonic Eye, making it a unique musical journey to remember.

Popspoken: You described the studio in Hollywood as “a haunted mansion full of every instrument you could ever imagine.” Can you share any memorable moments from recording there?

Linying: There are so many! We can start with the way I showed up to the studio one morning and saw an accordion taking my place on my usual chair. We were working on Porcupine that day. I said to Jon, “Nice! Who’s playing?” And he said, “You are.” I have never touched an accordion in my life.

Popspoken: What can fans expect from your upcoming ‘Take Me To Your House’ performance at the Esplanade Annexe Studio?

Linying: A beautiful stage, a good time, exclusive merchandise, leaked songs, a great opening set by Subsonic Eye and much more.

Popspoken: How is your experience so far with Royalty Platforms and what would your thoughts be if your music could be distributed to not only Music related playlists, but Film and TV as well?

Linying: I love it. My two favourite syncs were with Netflix Japan’s Terrace House and HBO’s Industry.

Popspoken: How did it feel to perform your National Day theme song, ‘The Road Ahead’, and to be invited to perform at Prime Minister Lawrence Wong’s swearing-in ceremony?

Linying: It was surreal. I honestly thought I had overcome stage fright for the rest of my life until I walked out and saw the entire cabinet sitting in front. I got quite sentimental meeting PM Wong afterwards thinking about how we wrote The Road Ahead in the height of COVID and how this song must have soundtracked not just his but many Singaporeans’ experience in this time. 

Popspoken: As the first Southeast Asian artist to sign with Nettwerk Music Group, what challenges and opportunities have you encountered in the international music scene?

Linying: Challenges include understanding and adapting to different industry norms. Opportunities are truly wonderful and plenty! I have been lucky to work and become friends with some of my heroes; it really helps being part of an ecosystem that transcends geographical boundaries.

Popspoken: What advice would you give to aspiring musicians in Singapore who are looking to break into the global market?

Stay curious, stay open, be flexible! Music and the way we consume it are changing all the time.

Popspoken: Where do you see your musical journey taking you in the next few years?

The places it has taken me the last few years, I really cannot say I could have foreseen. I am grateful that that’s the case, and I hope it remains that way.

Tickets for Linying’s Esplanade concert start from SGD 36.


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Explore latest trends in contemporary culture