Former TNP Journo Sylvia Toh Paik Choo Now Writes For Superadrianme

It’s a case of blink-and-you’ll-miss-it.

We realised that journalist Sylvia Toh Paik Choo‘s byline was no longer appearing in Singapore newspaper The New Paper. The prolific writer has gained a cult following among media insiders for her humorous, quirky writing style and no-holds-barred musings at the events she attends. Her Bespectacledness has been at it as a newspaper columnist for decades, even going into books: she is the author of Eh! Goondu (1982), which spurred discussion by ministers and Singaporeans to officially recognise Singlish.

Now, without our cuppa Sylvia in the papers this year, where oh where could we find her and obtain our dose of so-funny-lah nirvana?

Look no further: Sylvia has gone digital!

She now writes for entertainment and lifestyle website Superadrianme, founded by Adrian Eugene Seet in March 2010. Her articles cover a gamut of events, including the recent Fide Fashion Week, as well as coaxing Qi Yu Wu to reveal that he used moisturising cream from Guangzhou before using SKII. You know, typical Sylvia.

She also waxes lyrical about mooncakes, just like how she used to wax lyrical about most things on TNP. She formerly had a short writing stint at inSing after leaving The New Paper.

Sylvia confirmed her departure from the paper when Popspoken spoke to her at the recent Podium Lounge party during the Formula 1 weekend. She said that she is currently dabbling in freelance writing.

We’re big fans of Sylvia’s quips here and definitely hope to see more of her soon.

Photo: Overseas Singaporean Unit


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Explore latest trends in contemporary culture