Singapore’s Longest-Running Club Night: The Evolution Of Eatmepoptart Since 2005

“Poptart feels like a monster I’ve created and can’t get rid of.” – Weelikeme, Popspoken Interview 2016

Eatmepoptart is the brainchild of Adrian Wee – a name many club-goers have been familiarised with, since the days of his DJ stint with Zouk Club. The epitome of Adrian’s DJ career, though, was notably realised together with partner DJ Robin Chua (KiDG), who together ensured the legacy of Poptart in Singapore’s night scene throughout the past decade and more.

So, what makes Eatmepoptart’s longevity such a special snowflake, amidst the one-off nature of club nights in Singapore?

Putting things in perspective, Poptart hasn’t actually had the easiest time to keep itself going. The continuous change in venues and occasional hiatus over the years may have left the DJ duo cracking their brains over what’s next for their little project – or worse – if there could even be Eatmepoptart still.

Photo: EATMEPOPTART Facebook, 2010
Photo: EATMEPOPTART Facebook, 2010

Still, the crux of Poptart’s consistency always shone through. And this consistency has a name, the Poppettes, who are the people that has supported Adrian and KiDG in keeping the night young always. Every month or so, there’ll be a bunch of loyal club-goers and heartbreakers known as the Popettes who follow through Eatmepoptart’s different locations around Singapore in hopes of receiving their dose of indie-music getaway. This is where Poptart has found their niche – both in music, and in their army of fans. Music needs its listeners, and the party needs its people.

The Popettes are the life force that keeps the Poptart Monster alive.

Photo: EATMEPOPTART Facebook, 2017
Photo: EATMEPOPTART Facebook, 2017

The namesake of Poptart alone now is enough for clubs, festivals and discotheques to keep their doors open to the quirky DJ duo and their Poppettes.

From headlining St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival Singapore, spear-heading Local Motion, playing on Bandwagon Riverboat and residing in Cherry Discotheque for the most of this year has become some of Eatmepoptart’s most iconic events in 2017. Here’s betting that they’d have even more surprises lined up for us next year.

In celebration of an eventful year, and specially for the Popettes that have been keeping the club night running for the past decade and counting, Eatmepoptart is throwing a 12-year anniversary party on 16 December at the Esplanade Annexe Studio with a fresh line-up of bands alongside them – and you’re invited.


POPSPOKEN is giving away two pairs of tickets to Eatmempoptart’s 12th Anniversary party. Head over to our Facebook page for more details. 


Cover Photo: Eatmepoptart Facebook

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