Amplifying Bass Music at Zouk’s RECESS Night with Lincey, LeNERD and Perk Pietrek

The last time we spoke with DJ Lincey, he was freshly minted into Zouk’s roster of DJs.

Five years on, his affinity with electronic music continues to grow and he now shows younger students the ropes as part of Zouk’s DJ Academy.

Together with talented home-grown producer Perk Pietrek, whose music has been featured on Far East Movement’s and UZ’s label, Lincey will be bringing the bass movement as part of his bi-monthly RECESS night.

Popspoken: What does it take for a DJ to be successful and/or respected by his fans and peers alike? 

Lincey: You gotta respect the craft! A set is 90 mins – 2 hours long but i could easily spend 2 weeks working on it. Especially now, as our standards are raised I find that more can be done and am always striving to put out a set that is enjoyable and can’t be easily replicated.

Popspoken: Tell us something that most people don’t know about you. 

Lincey: I started DJing for my friends via MSN or Skype when I was 15 and couldn’t get an audience in a club. They would play video games or chat online and I would provide the music.

Popspoken: Describe a defining moment in your career as a Zouk Resident DJ. 

Lincey: There are way too many! Some of the shows I’ve played abroad were amazing. From Green Valley in Brazil, to Lavo in New York, to opening for One Direction at the National Stadium. But one defining moment so far would be ZoukOut 2016, when I played the sunrise set at 6am to 25000 people on home soil. That was beautiful.


Popspoken: You started DJ-ing from a tender age of 13. How did you convince your parents to let you continue practicing your craft since school is usually the priority of local Singaporeans at that age? 

Perk: I pretty much just went for it and thankfully my family believed in what I was trying to do. The only time I’d be convincing them is that when I think I’ve written a banger but they don’t think so!

Popspoken: What do you think of STB’s new slogan, “Passion Made Possible”?

Perk: That’s pretty cool in many angles. My passion for music helped me saw things that I’ve never imagined was possible happened. It’s been pretty crazy because I wouldn’t have believed you if you told me 5 years ago that today I’d have signed records with Far East Movement’s label and UZ’s label, or even getting my song on US TV. I think that’s the magic of sacrificing certain things for passion. It can be packed with struggles yet small amazing moments makes it so exciting and fulfilling.

RECESS happens tonight at Zouk Singapore with Lincey, LeNERD and Perk Pietrek. Doors open from 9pm. Details here.


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Explore latest trends in contemporary culture