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The TED Talks Of EDM: International Music Summit Comes To Singapore

We need to talk about dance music. There has been a sudden increase in the number of dance music events in Singapore in the recent years involving international names such as Freqender and the upcoming Future Music Festival Asia, which has set the stage for the International Music Summit (Pacific Asia) to be held in…

Come Join Us In The Darkside

Take a Pink Floyd song, stretch it out to an hour and add a drum machine - essentially what you get at a Darkside performance.

We Saw Post-Rock Progenitors Tortoise At Aliwal Arts Centre

I’ll admit something. I used to think Post-rock was a left-wing conspiracy by music snobs (I think they’re called hipsters these days) to create intentionally obfuscating music to further alienate the general populace and to ensure their continued monopoly on obscure music. This was no King Crimson or Yes with palatable chords and rhythms you…