Alpine Crafts Precise Electro-Pop Music

Ever since appearing on the radar in 2013 and being all-round lovely, electro/dream pop band Alpine has toured extensively and is set to play at this year’s Mosaic Music Festival. Hailing from Melbourne, the band consists of BFFs Phoebe Baker and Lou James (vocals), Christian O’Brien on guitar, Ryan Lamb on bass, Tim Royall on keyboards, guitar and Phil Tucker on drums.

Instead of the usual sunny surf rock Australian indie bands export, Alpine — like their namesake — delivers clean, bright sounding pop, ear candy and ABBA-esque harmonies that steer away from the saccharine and work on being intelligent and très chill: all the signs of being European/Scandinavian – expect from the fact that they are from Australia, which sort of adds the bonus of making them rather fun people.

Popspoken: How did you discover Binball. What was the night like when you found out this was something you guys like to do?

Hah, Binball… It came from this old house Ryan lived in, from when he drank too much and had too much spare time. I think it became an Alpine thing when we were bored at a photoshoot. I remember the photographer was pissed off that we were all sweaty and out of breath when it came time to actually take the shots. You’d be amazed how long we can spend kicking a ball into a bin…

Popspoken: So… A is for Alpine. Any plans to continue down the Alphabet for future albums?

We thought about it for maybe one second, then we realised that kind of seemed like we promised to make 26 records. And we’re afraid of that kind of commitment!

Popspoken: Do you think being best friends helps in melding your voices and stage presence together?

Definitely! It’s such an incredible feeling looking around onstage and seeing your oldest friend there with you. It’s kind of surreal.

Popspoken: Any new material or projects coming up for this year?

Yes! We’re working on the second album right now, and we’re going to do a lot more touring. The new songs are really exciting. I can’t wait to get it out. There’s a bunch of weird influences in there that we wouldn’t have put in before. Hopefully you get to hear it soon.

Catch Alpine live at the Esplanade on the 15 March. Get your tickets here.


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