Juce Gace’s Artistry Takes Center Stage in Debut Showcase at Action City

Positioned as a focal point for popular culture, art, and collectibles, BLAXK by ActionCity (BLAXK) takes great pride in introducing the WOOD MORNING SINGAPORE exhibition, a collaborative venture featuring the esteemed international artist Juce Gace.

Breathing vitality into these whimsical creations through a variety of artistic mediums, the WOOD MORNING SINGAPORE exhibition meticulously assembles a captivating assortment of collectible art prints, expansive sculptures, and one-of-a-kind art toys, accessible in both physical and digital formats. This event pays tribute to the captivating artistry of Juce Gace, which has garnered a devoted global fanbase encompassing collectors and enthusiasts alike.

Popspoken: What inspired you to become a toy designer, and how did your journey in the industry begin?

Juce Gace: After many years working on graphic 2D designs (pins, apparel, prints for walls, etc), I was super curious to discover 3D! When Mighty Jaxx contacted me to make my first art toy, I jumped into it, learned more about all the process and fell in love with designer toys!

Popspoken: Can you share a memorable “Eureka!” moment you’ve had while designing a toy?

Juce Gace: Each piece is usually coming from a pun, a funny idea, a « what if? » and my last one was with Jeremy Tanavit while designer our first collaboration art toy: « What if we mixed both our styles? My cheeky and wood vibe, your cute and animal vibe?! » And here we go!

Popspoken: What’s your favorite part of the toy design process: conceptualization, prototyping, or the final touches?

Juce Gace: Oh that’s hard to choose! I’d say conceptualization as this is the moment where everything is possible and still you have to get all your ideas together and make decisions for the piece to tell the clearest and best story possible!

Popspoken: If you could design a toy that could only exist in your wildest imagination, what would it do and look like?

Juce Gace: If it’s about my wildest imagination, it would be more than a toy! It would be playful, lovely and heartwarming like a toy, but giant as a building and people could walk in and on it, like a full experience where you almost feel like you are the one being toy sized!

Popspoken: Have you ever drawn inspiration from unexpected sources for your toy designs? Could you give an example?

Juce Gace: Lately, I’ve been exploring more and more my universe and definitely tried new things with new sources. I’ve been getting inspired by animals, like snakes!

Popspoken: What’s the most heartwarming or funny story you’ve heard from someone who experienced your toy designs?

Juce Gace: So many amazing stories! I had this man who proposed to his wife with one of my art pieces, I received the pictures: very cute! I also got this moving message of a person who laughed a lot with his father thanks to my pieces. His father passed away recently and my pieces are his favorite reminder of how funny and gentle his father was. That’s what my work is all about, making people smile. So I must admit this made me cry.

Popspoken: How do you see the future of toy design evolving in the next decade, considering advancements in technology and changing play patterns?

Juce Gace: Always hard to predict anything in this world, in particular after the recent years we’ve been through! I think that 3D print still have a lot to bring in the future, and art toys have a lot to bring to the art world: galleries, museums, and more. I definitely look forward to more possibilities to create 3D characters and immersive experiences!

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Explore latest trends in contemporary culture