Next generation digital artists supported by Julius Baer

The Julius Baer Next Generation Art Prize aims to discover young talents and connect them with industry names who are already paving the way in the digital space, through a three month long Art x Tech accelerator programme led by mentors such as Audrey Yeo, Sergiu Ardelean and more. The announcement of the six works will happen in March 2023 and the final works will be on showcase in July 2023. With the support of this prize, Julius Baer hopes to break new frontiers in the space of digital imaging and art.

Selection of promising digital artists are done by a judging panel including Refik Anadol (New media artist), Shivajirao Gaekwar (Deputy director at Sotheby’s India), Simon Fisher (Co-Founder of Ocula), Theresa McCullough (Principal Curator for Southeast Asian Art at the Asian Civilisations Museum), Fu LiaoLiao (Shanghai-based independent Curator) and Shubigi Rao (award-winning multidisciplinary Singaporean Artist).

We speak with Mr Jimmy Lee, Head of APAC at Julius Baer, Singapore, whom together with his team, has brought to us this programme.

Popspoken: Tell us more about the composition of your advisory board. What were some of the qualities Julius Baer looked for in inviting these personalities?

Jimmy: The Art Prize’s expert panel comprises a wide array of personalities and expertise to spark conversation and share unique art and ideas that engage and excite people about creating art in the digital age. Creating a diverse group of visionaries in art, technology and business will offer insights for digital artists as they convey their values, and explore a sustainable future through digital art that will benefit communities worldwide.

Popspoken: As a private banker with people, your job involves numbers and financial performance. How does this change in your role as a spokesperson for the Julius Baer Next Generation Art Prize?

Jimmy: An avid art supporter since 1981, Julius Baer’s passion for art has been a hallmark of our culture and we are pleased to extend Julius Baer’s long-standing tradition of supporting the arts to Asia, the bank’s second home market. This Art Prize heralds a new era of nurturing, developing and empowering young artistic talent in the region. We are committed to supporting this progress by rewarding the next generation of artists in Asia, and helping them expand the reach of their voice and creative narratives to wider audiences.

Asia is our second home market, and with our long history of supporting art, we are thrilled to be continuing with the second edition of the Next Generation Art Prize following its successful premiere in 2021, and to extend the artist line-up beyond Southeast
Asia to include all of Asia this year.

Jimmy Lee, Member of the Executive Board, Julius Baer Group Ltd

Popspoken: Taking risks is part of your job as a banker. What were some of the artistic risks that were taken in selecting the artists shortlisted this year.  

Jimmy: We look forward to welcoming  bold and creative minds that are pushing the boundaries of digital art with their unique skills and exploration of their chosen digital medium. We will look at how each artist visually translates the concepts aligned with Julius Baer’s themes around wellbeing and the sustainability of our future, and how the art communicates a unique and intriguing perspective to a global audience. We encourage artists to dream big and to explore creative narratives while unmasking the complexities of our world.

In today’s world, thanks to advancements in computing and telecommunications, digital platforms and devices are becoming more accessible to any curious individual who is ready to dive into emerging technology.

Kay Vasey, Founder of MeshMinds

Popspoken: Tell us more about the MeshMind Art x Tech accelerator programme. How has it impacted you / your way of thinking?

Kay: Organising the Prize with Julius Baer, I had the honour to meet and be connected to some of the best in both the traditional as well as the digital art landscape! Our expert panel truly encompasses a multitude of inspiring people from different backgrounds who remind me of why I find the realm of digital art incredibly fascinating and filled with endless possibilities that are just waiting to be explored.

The MeshMinds Foundation aims to educate, enable and empower artists to blend their work with  technology to tell stories that create change. It is heartwarming every time we receive a new application from an inspiring creator who is using art and technology to address today’s challenges and build narratives that can make our world a better place.


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Explore latest trends in contemporary culture