10 Impossibilities in 10 Masterpieces

Taking a retrospective glance back at the first month of the year, it was impossible to overlook the abundance of art festivals and events that graced our little red dot. From Art Stage to the Fringe Festival and everything in between, one particular artist that made us go “Ooh!” went by the name of Jane Lee.

In this edition of In 10 Masterpieces, we explore the impossibilities with this artist who pushes the very boundaries of art. Get ready for light-hearted interpretations of 10 of her artworks.

The Artist

A recipient of countless awards, Jane Lee has been showcased in multiple exhibitions, the latest of which is for Art Stage Singapore 2014. Though a painter at heart, she does not settle with traditional means and materials of the ancient art form, manipulating its two-dimensionality to mimic 3D sculptures.

Her intricate techniques inject her pieces with movement and a sense of life. “To me, an artist’s mission in art is to constantly challenge existing norms,” she spoke to Indesignlive Singapore. And that’s exactly what she did.

The Art

Impossibility #1: Speeding through the highway at peak hour, that is, without crashing and burning. Singapore really is too tiny an island for the occupation of almost a million vehicles.

Impossibility #2: Flying to the sun without perishing. (Although North Korea just might have proven us wrong, or so they think.)

Impossibility #3: Looking at a picture of Benedict Cumberbatch on the Internet without subconsciously salivating a little.

Impossibility #4: Time-travelling, and not the metaphorical, close-your-eyes-and-imagine kind.

Impossibility #5: Sneezing with your peepers open.

Photo credit: Angela Low

Impossibility #6: Deciding to hit the sack when you’re in the middle of a (ahem, lone) social media party at midnight, i.e. the night is still young. Besides, once you’re in, you’re in it for life! Or at least for that few hours before you nod off unwillingly at 4am in front of your make-shift pillow of a computer.

Photo credit: Angela Low

Impossibility #7: Reading a girl’s mind—unless you’re the mother of the girl, in which case mothers know everything.

Impossibility #8: Harry Potter’s world of witchcraft and wizardry. Yes, the truth hurts.

Impossibility #9: Keeping change from happening.

Impossibility #10: Nothing. (See: Adidas)

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Photo credit: Jane Lee


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