Power 98FM “Thai Intern” Thinks Joanne Peh & Qi Yuwu Will Split After The Star Awards

There is a lot of juicy tabloid fodder happening this past month in Singapore waters — so much, that you would think that TMZ has set up a Singapore branch.

First, Joanne Peh shocked the nation when she announced her split with boyfriend Bobby Tonelli after four years on the 8 Days magazine. The couple were propped as one of MediaCorp’s power couples, with regular appearances on English, Chinese and Malay channels as well as a pairing of sorts on Sasuke Singapore, when Joanne was hosting and Bobby was a celeb contestant.

The couple had been evading marriage questions from the press many times, including from me (Disclaimer: I used to work with xinmsn and have interviewed Joanne and Bobby several times) because hey, don’t we all want to know when a power couple ties the knot? Joanne and Bobby were also regular fixtures at many events, seen hobnobbing with the crowd individually and together.

Barely a month has reached and Qi Yuwu decides to break the story to 8 Days that — surprise, surprise — he just confirmed his relationship with Joanne Peh! Turns out the dude was hiding his feelings for her all this while and took the opportunity after her breakup with Bobby to say what was on his mind. Joanne says her decision was not hasty and Yuwu confirmed it by saying that “it wasn’t until very recently that we confirmed the relationship”.

Power 98FM‘s “Thai intern” Quechalalongkomtee Chaparaporn seems to think that they will split after the Star Awards, where Channel 8 has been campaigning on their Facebook page for the both of them to attend as a couple. He also had some choice words about, erm, Italian salami and Chinese sausage:

“If you change from Italian salami to Chinese sausage — you call it the lup cheong, yes? — I think the difference will be very, very big.”

Tasty meats aside, QTQT (that’s his nickname — how cute!) seems to also think that Qi Yuwu (better known by his 715 nickname) is the prettier one as compared to Joanne Peh. We think QTQT might be hinting at something between the lines. The Internet-o-sphere has been rife with rumours that Yuwu is gay and that Joanne is acting as his ‘beard’.

Whatever the rumours may be, Joanne insists that Yuwu is the right one, right now. She said to 8 Days that she does not want a boyfriend who is “too good-looking”, so, erm, we’ll just leave it as that.

As for 8 Days, if you keep surfacing stories like this, you will be the source of artiste news in no time flat. To greater Us Weekly-like ambitions!

Listen to the Power 98FM segment below:

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Explore latest trends in contemporary culture