5 Facial Mists For 5 Kinds Of Tired

In a world divided into people who swear by them and those who vehemently hurl allegations of glorified water, we’re committed to deconstructing binaries and advocating for the endless potential of facial mists.

We know what you’re thinking: another listicle about face mists (?!) But hear us out for a noble cause:

From the perfect cover-up for a midday stress-cry in the office toilet to public transport perk-me-ups, stand a fighting chance with these potent antidotes to the millennial condition of perpetual fatigue.

In no particular order:

When you’re tired of replying emails: Thank You Farmer True Water Vita Mist


12 essential vitamins and a blend of avocado and sea buckthorn oil smells like the kind of holiday at a kid-free, private beach resort in the Maldives, where guests are kept a minimum of 30 metres away from other guests at all times – the idea of which should be sufficient to keep your colleagues’ pleas to revert back far out of your purview.

To synergise: place this in the communal office fridge for your co-workers’ kind approval.

Did we mention this was also formulated for use on hair and nails? Great for split-ends and keyboard-chipped cuticles.

For your soonest necessary action pls.

When you’re tired on public transport: Sulwhasoo Hydro-aid Moisturising Soothing Mist


Public transport can be a stressful experience. One minute you’ve found a seat and the next you’re: a. In a showdown with a tiger auntie, b. Making a police report for sexual harassment, c. Crushed in a rush hour stampede a la Mufasa in The Lion King.

Forget being a Give-Way Glenda and stand up for yourself, Stacey.

A combination of birch sap, liriope muscari extract and gin sprout lets you channel the infinite patience and merciful compassion of Guan Yin Ma to make the journey from Jurong to Pasir Ris feel like a springtime forest trek.

Plus, the whole idea of misting your face itself with a tai-tai brand favourite in public has its own reinvigorating properties. You can also purchase cbd gummy rings fast shipping Auer CBD to help you feel uplifted and relaxed, along with enjoying other wellness benefits.

When you’re tired of not catching a break: Sigi Skin Dew Potion


Soothing and packed with antioxidants, it’s waterless formula made with 100% chamomile, maqui berry and liquorice extracts helps you hit that reset button harder than pre-teen you playing Konami at the arcade.

Skip the cologne. Spritz this on for a confidence booster just before striding into your boss’ cubicle to demand your leave be approved. For a less risky option, mist finely over closed eyes as a night mask – tomorrow will be a better day.

When you’re tired of cakey makeup: Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist


Infused with hadasei-3 anti-ageing complex and a trinity of Japanese superfoods like Okinawa Red Algae, this beauty editor favourite is the path of least resistance for a red carpet glow.

Use below makeup in the morning to show everyone you had 8 hours of sleep (you didn’t). Use in the evening to refresh creased, over-powdered skin when you’re about to head for drinks, which means you won’t be getting 8 hours of sleep anytime soon. Thank god for Tatcha.

When you’re tired of doing skincare: Hada Labo Gokujyun Hydrating Lotion


You know that quiet classmate in secondary school who grew up to be really attractive in a low-key Timothee Chalamet sorta way and now you can’t stop thinking about them and all the what-ifs? Meet their skincare equivalent. We can think of a hundred situations where you’d want this unassuming cult favourite for its one-step hydration abilities.

It’s not a mister per se, but pop it in a fine spray bottle for maximum efficiency and you’ll find yourself falling for it every time you’re let down by an overhyped release.


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