6 Valentine’s Day Experiences In Singapore For The Modern Couple

We get it, Valentine’s Day is a commercialised holiday celebrated by those who are sucked into marketing gimmicks. The significance behind 14 Feb is strictly arbitrary, but there is also something sweet and hopeful about carving out time to celebrate someone in our lives.

It gives us a chance to luxuriate in self-care, honour friendships, and treat our loved ones to something extra special because we often get lost in our own lives. Here is our quick guide to gifts, restaurants, and activities for contemporary dating because modern couples require modern experiences to make it memorable.


Sigi Skin

Pink Nectar Daily Eye Mask

Roses are red, violets are blue, if you like acai bowls and barre, then Sigi Skin is for you. There is nothing like self-care to kick off the celebration of love, especially when it involves happy, healthy skin. An up-and-coming homegrown skincare brand that marries its clean, minimalist mantra with superfood goodness, Sigi Skin is a gorgeous beauty treat for all modern individuals.

Pink Nectar Daily Eye Mask

The brand’s efficacious formulations are developed after meticulous research into Korean technology, jammed with superfood ingredients like kale, while the airless packaging ensures that these formulations remain contamination and oxidisation-free.

We are eyeing the Pink Nectar Daily Eye Mask, a gamechanger for those who are looking to pucker up this holiday. It is enriched with peach, propolis, Vitamin E, niacinamide, and five types of hyaluronic acid to ensure maximum hydration. The mask moisturises and firms the eye and lip areas, reduces dark spots and puffiness, all without being greasy or heavy on the skin.

Sigi Skin Pink Nectar is priced at $62, available on their online store.


Intense Glow Treatment

Continuing with the clean skincare trend where minimalism and naturalness reign, French beauty clinic EstheClinic’s newest facial solution will have your skin glowing without the need for highlighters or additional makeup! The Intense Glow Treatment is spilt into two separate parts: the Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) facial handled by their experienced beauticians, and the non-invasive LED photomodulation technology, which consists of intensive red and yellow light waves flashing directly over the skin.

This combination regenerates skin from the inside, lightening dark spots and reducing pore sizes to result in an overall brighter and naturally radiant skin. This is perfect for those who are looking to bare their faces, such as for beach or pool plans (although it is highly recommended to avoid swimming for the first 48 hours), as not only does the effect last for about two weeks, there is also no visible recovery signs or down-time after the session.

EstheClinic’s Intense Glow Treatment is priced from $380 onwards.


Kilo Kitchen

After its departure from Kampong Bugis Road, Kilo Kitchen and Kilo Lounge are back being partners-in-crime at Tanjong Pagar. Their offence? Wickedly delectable food exuding spiffy, smoky vibes. Even as the menu retains some of its beloved classics, like the Wasabi Tuna Tartare and Squid Ink Rice, the newcomers are serious contenders for one’s stomach space thanks to the recent addition of a wood-fired grill.

Grilled Avocado

Highlights include the Grilled Avocado with buckwheat puffs and drizzled ponzu, as well as the Atas Lentils, which as its name suggests, is a sultry dish that is almost like Cinderella dolled up for the ball: lentils in a rich gravy of manchego, bacon, truffle, ibérico, and egg yolk to marry everything together. Also worthy of a mention, the Sea Urchin Rigatoni Pasta with narabi uni is a fantastic choice to determine if your dinner date is the one— if they order their own plate of pasta instead of sharing yours, its a keeper.

When? Now till otherwise specified
Kilo Kitchen, 97 Duxton Road, Singapore 089541

King and the Pawn

King and the Pawn’s Board Games

Nothing tests the concrete bonds of friendship like competitive board games (looking at you, Monopoly and UNO), but if you want to put more tense on the game, the classic slots games at 666casino.com are your best choice, so what better way to suss out potential partners than over great games and inventive comfort food? King and the Pawn may be tucked away in a shophouse at Purvis Street, but its wide range of games, photographic space and delectable fare already mark this unassuming cafe as a hot-favourite with cafe and gaming enthusiasts.

Camembert Brûlée

In addition to holding over 300 games, King and the Pawn also serves a range of craft beer, signature cocktails and locally-roasted coffee to go with their inventive menu. It features the usual bar suspects as such as House-made Croquettes with leek and mushroom, as well as other indulgent mains like Truffled Honey Croque Madame with shaved ham, gruyère and maasdam, and our personal recommendation, the Camembert Brûlée with roasted grapes, crisp pear, and toasted crostini.

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, they will be offering unlimited board gaming, a bottle of Prosecco and dessert for only $33 per person. No one can really accuse you of playing games when you are committed to literally playing games— may the best person win!

When? Now till 28 Feb
$33 onwards per pax for unlimited board gaming, Prosecco & dessert
King and the Pawn, 24 Purvis Street, Level 2, Singapore 188601


11 Ends: A Singles Afterparty

11 – A Performance Piece

If you haven’t found the time to check out Singapore’s hottest artist hangout, make it a date to head down to Telok Ayer Arts Club this Valentine’s Day to witness good things coming to a bittersweet end.

Celebrating the end of Dawn Ng’s sold out run of 11 – A Performance Piece, the club is throwing a quirky afterparty with the use of her performance installation’s confession booths and 70s music from the residential music-maker Mr. Has. Expect a night of emotions and intrigue, or as Dawn promises, “Some may get lost, some may find themselves, some may fall in love and some may want their money back.”

When? 14 Feb, 9.30pm onwards
Admission is free for the afterparty
Telok Ayer Arts Club, 2 McCallum Street, Singapore 069043

A Most Unusual Valentine’s Day

Engraved Cucumber

Food-centric alternatives (like nuggets or sushi) to the typical flower bouquets are nothing new, but how about gifting the pleasure of a cucumber? Hendricks’ Gin recently launched a rather unusual Valentine’s Day campaign to subvert the tradition of sweet love into something more whacky, long, and green.

Daring couples will be able to purchase cucumber bouquets that come with a bottle of Hendricks’ Gin and the opportunity to engrave a personalised message of love at Arbora tomorrow. If that’s not unorthodox enough, one lucky participant of their online poem contest will also win a whopping 50-Cucumber Bouquet… let’s hope to share.

When? Now till 17 Feb
Bouquets are priced at $88 onwards, available on their online store
Every purchase of a Hendrick’s cocktail comes with a gift box at 20 participating outlets


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