Uncovering the Top 5 Asian Beauty Skincare Trends from Taiwan in 2018

6, 8, or even 10; these numbers will sound familiar to anyone with a strict skincare regimen undoubtedly influenced by the two major Asian beauty powerhouses: Japan and Korea.

But if you are in the market for effective, multifaceted products that aim to cut down routines to a maximum of 3 steps, Taiwan’s beauty products might be the solution. They are the most comprehensive skin care that is not known by many people, they even take anal bleaching skincare which is very little popular with other countries.

The beauty industry is continuously saturated with new products, captivating trends, and sometimes even worrying anomalies (think Instagram DIY hacks with wasabi, ouch!). With an overload of beauty-related solutions, sometimes it is best to keep it simple. Simplicity does not affect efficacy, in fact, it enhances the process of getting the desired results. This sentiment forms the top mantra of this year’s Taiwan Beauty Alliance, a national collective of local beauty companies with aligning values.

One of the headliners this year is Yuanli Medical Beauty Group, a medical clinic group started in 2002 and has since established several specialist skin clinics. Their skincare products, which started in 2016, are formulated for people with skin conditions, where prevention is always better than cure.

Speaking at the Taiwan International Beauty Show 2018’s press conference, Yuanli’s founder and director Dr Yuan-Li Liao said, “[The alliance] is not just a way to promote specific homegrown brands, but to encourage constant innovation and competitiveness in Taiwan.”

Leave it to the third instalment of the alliance to take some of the world’s rising trends and imbue them with Asian excellence. Here are the top 5 Asian beauty trends from Taiwan to have on your radar.

Go green for clean beauty

Over the last decade, the growing popularity of organic skincare is telling of two important consumer habits: being increasingly educated about what goes into products and tackling skin problems beyond temporary surface masking. More conscientious consumers flock towards ethical brands with naturally formulated products devoid of film-formers and emulsifiers, and even skincare newbies know how to look out for cancer-inducing parabens.

At the forefront of this year’s organic skincare is Inna Organic, the first dual-certified Taiwanese cosmetics brand with natural, safe and effective organic skincare products. The full range pays homage to the country’s vast agriculture and the healing benefits of aromatherapy.

Their Myrrh Detoxifying Facial Mask is a synthesis of ancient Chinese beauty practices and modern skincare needs: soothing, radiance-boosting, and a balanced sense of wellbeing. Despite only being 3 years old, all the products are verified by EWG, an American environmental organisation and database of all cosmetic ingredients, and COSMOS, a delineation of European organic standards.

Bespoke mask options

It is true when they say no size fits all. The appeal of sheet masks is evident all across Asia, so where can the industry go from here? The answer is upwards, especially for Taiwanese facial mask suppliers such as MIRAE and My Scheming. In particular, both companies not only dominate the market by offering a wide range of masking options, but also exceed in their continuous innovation in materials, design, and even targeted areas.

With a name that literally translates to “future”, MIRAE is one of the first to develop a super resistant microfiber silk material for the fan-favourite 8 Minute Mask series. Doctors use this exact material in skin operations to wrap open vessels and wounds as it is thin, gripping, and not easily torn. Aside from the mask properties, the fact that it is formulated for only 8 minutes, as compared to the standard 15 to 25 minutes, makes it ideal for every working adult’s go-to skincare treatment.

My Scheming has been around for 15 years, which translates to a lot of masks. From adorable animal nose patches to luxurious anti-ageing facial masks infused with amino peptides, the company stands by its mission to deliver beautiful, translucent skin for all. In particular, their Blackhead Acne Removal Activated Carbon 3 Steps Mask Set is in itself a well-rounded routine to remove stubborn blackheads. Closer to 2019, the company will also be launching three variants of ampoule masks, combining the two steps into one ultra-hydrating product for double treatment.

Rise of probiotics

If your only experience with probiotics is limited to yoghurt, do not fret. The use of probiotics in the beauty industry is still very new and underrated, but this trend will probably step into the limelight more over the next year. Probiotics are strands of microorganisms and/or good bacteria that come with a load of health benefits for us, whether through oral ingestion or topical administration.

It can target both beauty and health needs by providing us with nutrients from the start, and this Taiwanese company has locked down the formula with their variety of in-house strains. If you believe that what you are what you consume, then be sure to include Tensall Bio-Tech‘s range of TS6® Lady Health products in your virtual shopping cart.

Formulated around an exclusive patented ingredient called TS-2L® Probiotic Essence, it uses probiotics to inhibit pathogen and maintain balanced weak acidic environments for healthier vaginal care, while simultaneously boosting natural defences. Even though this is one body area hidden from sight most of the time, practising healthy and proper intimate care can accentuate your overall wellbeing.

Probiotics can also improve natural odour, soothe irritation and block out harmful radicals from the skin, which is very necessary when it comes to our most delicate area. The whole collection features cleaning mousse, cleansing wash, serum, mist (toner), wipes, maintenance gel, and even special probiotic underwear fabric wash.

Add-to instead of adding on

It is always tempting to add on another wonder beauty product to our skincare regimen. However, piling on too many products can seriously confuse our skin and cause ugly breakouts. In addition, carving out significant time to undergo a full 10 step K-beauty routine is not practical. Yuanli embodies the less-is-more attitude in their two most popular products, the Intensive Hydration Magic Snow Cream and Control Capsules.

The first is a colour correcting, moisturising, and repairing cream, developed for those who prefer a natural my-face-but-better glow. We are personally obsessed with the Moisturizer and Anti-age Control Capsules. It comes in a gorgeous white orb, housing tiny coloured capsules that can be used by itself or added to foundations, creams, and even sunscreen. Not only does it beat signs of ageing with Juvenessence®, it also improves elasticity, smooths out wrinkles, gently brightens skin, and regulates oil secretion.

Science meets beauty

Step aside, substandard skincare products, dermatologically-tested products are here to stay and there’s a great scientific reason for it. For every 1 degree rise in global temperature (thanks to climate change), there will be a 10% increase in sebum secretion by our skin. Due to environmental factors, our skin is becoming more problematic and “fluffy” products won’t cut it. This is the niche gap which Lab101 fills. A Taiwanese subsidiary under the Unicare cosmetics group, Lab101 combines dermatology, medicine, biology, and the environment in their foray into the beauty industry.

What sets them apart is the global exclusive patented ingredient MMP-Target. Developed in collaboration with the Industrial Technology Research Institute, MMP-Target is a deep penetration technology that was initially developed for cancer medication to target and kill cancer cells.

In their hero product, the Supreme HA+ Collagen Intensive Ampoule, this liquorice is covered in a micro-molecular hyaluronic acid coat that penetrates into the dermis layer. MMP itself is an enzyme found in said demis layer and can break down collagen. The result? Skin becomes more delicate, plumper, smoother and effectively soothed as the treatment steeps to the bottom of the skin layer.


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