Asia’s Next Top Model Exec Producer Dies From Cancer

David Searl, the executive producer of the first season of reality modelling competition Asia’s Next Top Model (AsNTM), has died.

Popspoken learned of this news from former AsNTM host Nadya Hutagalung, who went to her Twitter and Facebook channels to spread the news.

“I am very sad to announce that (Searl) has lost his battle with cancer,” wrote Hutagalung on her Facebook page.

David Searl with America’s Next Top Model host and executive producer Tyra Banks (Photo: Facebook)

Searl was the managing director of ice-TV Asia, the production company that was partly involved in the creation of the first season of the show.

ice-TV Asia was in the news over various reports that suggested the company did not pay wages to crew members and show guests, which allegedly carried on for about a year after production wrapped up.

However, Hutagalung was not vengeful in her thoughts about the matter.

Continuing her Facebook update, she said, “No matter what has happened I pray that he can find peace, that his mind was peaceful in the months before he died and that only compassionate thoughts and prayers will follow. David dreamed big. May his onward journey be a smooth one. RIP.”

The show’s first season winner Jessica Amornkuldilok also expressed her condolences in a reply to Hutagalung’s Facebook status update: “So sad! I can’t believe this! He was a great producer and very kind. RIP David Searl, loved working with you.”

Featured photo: Asia’s Next Top Model


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Explore latest trends in contemporary culture