Marc Jacobs will not move to Dior and Yes, We Are Happy About That

Marc Jacobs makes it official: he’s staying put at where he is and not replacing Galliano. Read on to find out more!

Louis Vuitton is big. Then again, we are talking about a humble fashion house that started from 1854 making flat-bottom canvas trunks for the common man’s trinkets before it rose to become one of the world’s most prestigious fashion labels.

2012 thus, is yet another big year for the French fashion giant. A major exhibition devoted to the famous fashion brand and its creative director Marc Jacobs. According to the man himself, it would be a blast and a fulfillment of a teenage dream to work in Paris for Louis Vuitton. The exhibition entitled ‘Louis Vuitton – Marc Jacobs’ will be held at the Musée des Arts Decoratifs in Paris, which is set to showcase both historical and current jewels pulled from the deepest recesses of the LV archives, ranging from one of the first trunks crafted in 1869 by Monsieur Louis Vuitton’s own hands to some of the current year’s LV fashion statements.

Also promising to appear at the exhibition is the many works of Marc Jacobs that brought Louis Vuitton to its lofty position in the fashion food chain now.

Being a man of favoring the unconventional and despising the orthodox, Jacobs has also teamed up with the museum’s curator Pamela Golbin to ensure the exhibition would not resemble the dull dreary educational ones: you know, those where hours are spent looking at bits of cloth on humanoid plastic models in a century-old structure.

However, among the hype of this sits like a pile of something unpleasant: the rumors of Marc Jacobs’ moving to Christian Dior after John Galliano, the past director was booted out for making anti-Semitic jabs after one bottle too many.

Jacobs had stated that it was a ‘massive honor’ to replace the spot in another of the world’s fashion powerhouses but had declined the offer to the fact that he was content with his current position.

‘It’s a little bit more complicated than that, but we agreed that it was probably best for everyone.’ Jacobs had said in a recent interview.

And we couldn’t agree more. After all, Louis Vuitton without Marc Jacobs would be like Dior with a certain drunken foul mouthed bloke heading a huge chunk of the fashion giant known as Dior.


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The exhibit ‘Louis Vuitton – Marc Jacobs’ will open on March 8, on the night of LV’s autumn/winter 2012 show and the closing of Paris Fashion Week.

 (Source: Telegraph Fashion)


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