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Savouring the Future: Andrew Walsh and Johnnie Walker Blue Label Join Forces in Remarkable Culinary Venture

Chef Andrew Walsh, accompanied by acclaimed chefs from Ireland, Mickael Viljanen and Chef-TV Host Mark Moriarty, visited Singapore with the purpose of creating a distinctive menu that symbolizes the future of dining, titled “Air. Land. Sea.”. An immersive treat for the senses, the digital artwork captured the essence of the vision guided by Johnnie Walker Blue Label, unveiling the narrative behind every dish. This resulted in a multi-dimensional encounter that sparked the imagination, sparked meaningful discussions regarding the evolution of dining, and nurtured a sense of togetherness among the patrons.

We have a strong commitment to sustainability and continued innovation and Johnnie Walker Blue Label genuinely believe in the power of connecting great minds to initiate positive change, and as we look ahead, we believe culinary arts and luxury spirits have the potential to shape a better future together. We are excited to be working with these top chefs, and this marks the start of many more collaborations this year with progressive chefs across the world.

David Dang, Southeast Asia Luxury Director of Diageo

In the fiercely competitive food & beverage industry, it is inspiring to witness CURE surpassing challenges and navigating through the pandemic to attain a Michelin star, solidifying its position as a premier dining destination in Singapore. Chef Andrew Walsh has also expanded his culinary ventures with three additional restaurants under the Cure Concepts brand in Singapore, including Catfish and Club Street Wine Room.

We speak to Chef Walsh, on his collaboration with the eponymous Johnnie Walker Blue Label which commemorates CURE’s 8th Anniversary. This event marked the beginning of a sequence of dinners organized by Johnnie Walker Blue Label, aimed at exploring the potential of shaping a more promising future through the combination of dining experiences and collaborations.

Popspoken: Why did you choose to collaborate with Diageo / Johnnie Walker Blue Label?

Andrew Walsh: Collaborating with Diageo and Johnnie Walker Blue Label was a natural choice due to our shared commitment to excellence and innovation. Their dedication to crafting exceptional spirits aligns with my culinary philosophy of pushing boundaries and delivering memorable experiences. This partnership allows us to explore unique flavor pairings and elevate the overall dining experience for our patrons.

Popspoken: Any tips for aspiring chefs who wish to clinch a Michelin star? How has the standards / ratings evolved over the years?

Andrew Walsh: Pursuing a Michelin star requires relentless dedication, creativity, and consistency. Focus on mastering the fundamentals while infusing your personal touch into each dish. Stay attuned to culinary trends and techniques, adapting them to your unique style. Michelin standards have evolved to embrace diverse cuisines and innovative concepts, placing emphasis on sustainability and local sourcing.

Popspoken: What are the differences between the online and offline persona of Andrew Walsh?

Andrew Walsh: My offline persona is dedicated to creating unforgettable dining experiences for guests and mentoring my young team about the f&b scene, while my online presence allows me to share insights, behind-the-scenes glimpses with a wider audience. Online, I’m able to connect with fellow chefs, food enthusiasts, and aspiring talents, fostering a sense of community and celebrating other restaurants’ success.

Popspoken: Share with us a go-to post-drink recipe that you swear by?

Andrew Walsh: After a drink, I often enjoy one of my go-to comfort food – a hearty serving of “Irish Beef Stew.” This traditional dish encapsulates the warmth and soul of Ireland. The tender chunks of beef, simmered with root vegetables, aromatic herbs, and a touch of Guinness, create a rich and comforting stew that’s both nourishing and satisfying. It’s a timeless recipe that perfectly captures the essence of Irish home-cooked goodness.

Popspoken: In the 8 years that CURE has been in the F&B scene, what are some of the best and
worst memories?

Andrew Walsh: Over the years, CURE has been a platform for exceptional culinary experiences. The best memories include receiving recognition, such as our Michelin-star award. However, challenges like the pandemic taught us resilience and it made me appreciate how the community comes together during hard times.

Popspoken: Tell us some dining trends that you look forward to.

Andrew Walsh: I’m excited about sustainable practices gaining more prominence in the dining scene. The focus on local and seasonal sourcing, minimizing food waste, and promoting ethical farming aligns with our responsibility towards the environment. We all have a part to play for a better future and I think it’s important that the industry evolves too.

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Explore latest trends in contemporary culture


Explore latest trends in contemporary culture