Joel Corry Makes Waves with Highly Anticipated Return to Japan’s Nightlife Capital

With over 4 billion catalog streams, five UK platinum records and a global audience that has solidified him as one of the UK’s biggest dance acts, Joel Corry’s track record is a testament to his exceptional talent in creating infectious hooks, as well as melodies that resonate across mainstream and underground charts.

In an exclusive interview, Joel shares with us insights into the release of his highly anticipated debut album, “Another Friday Night.” Expressing profound excitement and pride, Corry described the album as a culmination of his dreams and determination in the music industry.

Popspoken: You’ve had a multifaceted career, including appearances on reality TV and ventures in fitness. How do you manage to balance these different aspects of your life?

Joel Corry: DJing and music has always been my number one passion in life. Making it in the music industry was my ‘Plan A’. Over the years I have tried different things and had amazing experiences, but touring the world and having hit records was my dream. Balancing different aspects of my life such as music production, touring and fitness is challenging. My key to success is hard work, preparation, and consistency.

Popspoken: Could you share some insights into your latest album, “Another Friday Night”? What was the inspiration behind it, and what can fans expect from the music?

Joel Corry: I am so buzzing with the release my debut album ‘Another Friday Night’. I wanted to present all my records in one body of work, like the ultimate Joel Corry banger playlist! The album includes all my hits from over the years such as ‘Head & Heart’, ‘BED’ and ‘OUT OUT’, as well as my new material like ‘’0800 HEAVEN, ‘Drinkin’’ and ‘Hey DJ’. It has been years in the making, but the timing felt right now to release an album. Listeners can expect to hear all their favourite classic records of mine, plus my new material and a few surprises along the way. The album feels nostalgic with records such as ‘Sorry’ and ‘Lonely’, and fresh with records such as ‘’0800 HEAVEN’ and ‘Hey DJ’. I am super proud of the album and hope everyone loves it!

Popspoken: How do you approach the process of creating remixes, and what are some of your favourite remixes you’ve worked on?

Joel Corry: I love remixing records. I have been doing it since I was a teenager. I imagine how I can adapt a track to fit it into my DJ sets. One of my favourite remixes I produced was for Ed Sheeran. I remixed his smash hit ‘Bad Habits’ in 2021. I am a big fan of Ed Sheeran and after the Bad Habits remix we hanged out together and became friends.

I am excited to return to Tokyo. My first trip was very fun and inspiring. I can’t wait to explore more of the city this time. The crowds in Asia have amazing energy and are very welcoming. Playing in Asia is a unique experience, and I am grateful to have the opportunity.

Joel Corry

Popspoken: What led to the collaboration between you, ALOK, and John Legend for the track ‘In My Mind’? ALOK has commended your innovative approach and unique musical style. Could you describe your strategy for remixing songs, giving them a fresh perspective while retaining the original essence? Please share your creative process and the inspiration behind your unique house remix of ‘In My Mind’.

Joel Corry: I was asked to remix Alok and John Legend’s ‘In My Mind’. I loved the original record, and I am a big fan of both Alok and John Legend, so I was excited to do the remix. I wanted to keep the amazing vibe of the original record, so I used some of the musical parts. I increased the tempo and created a drop that would work in the clubs and connect on the dance floor. I added my signature pianos and bassline. I am very proud of this remix and happy Alok and John Legend approved of it.

Popspoken: “Head & Heart” and other tracks have achieved massive streams. What’s your secret to creating such chart-topping hits across Asia, and do you have any favourite moments from your career so far?

Joel Corry: There is a no secret! I trust my gut instincts and work on music that I love. There have been so many highlights over the last few years, but my favourite moment must be when Head & Heart went to number one in the charts. Having a number one single was a total dream come true for me.

Popspoken: How do you see the current state of the dance music industry, and what trends or changes do you anticipate in the near future?

Joel Corry: Dance music is constantly evolving. In recent years commercial dance music has become faster and clubbier. There has been a resurgence of trance sounding records and a revival of drum & bass. Hit records are growing through clubs, festivals, and DJ support. Post pandemic the live music scene is back in full flow. Developments and usage of social media platforms are heavily influencing the industry. Records are gaining traction on TikTok before they are released, and artists are aiming to have viral success. It is a very competitive but exciting time for dance music.

Catch DJ Joel Corry at Warp Shinjuku (1-21-1-B1, Kabukicho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo) on 23 November 2023, followed by Owl Osaka (530-0017 Umeda Rakutenchi Building B, 5-1 Kakudacho, Kita-ku, Osaka) on 24 November 2023. Follow his electronic music journey on social media, here.


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